How Can Fashion Retailers Use Latest Technology To Their Advantage?

Online shopping has become the norm for fashion retail customers, and the number of people buying clothes online is only increasing by the day. However, increased sales do not always translate to amplified growth for a fashion retailer. One primary factor deterring this growth is the increasing number of returns from customers. 

Nevertheless, applications such as are helping retailers address the issue of returns. That being said, here are a couple of prevalent ways fashion businesses are benefiting from the adoption of the latest technologies.    

  • Visualizing Clothing Items In 3D: Body tracking solutions have come a long way since their initial advent. However, a lot still needs to be covered before the fashion industry can perfect body tracking. This is where 3D technology comes in handy, as viewing products in 3D has played a key role in enhancing customer experience and boosting sales. 

Customers can use this technology to see and evaluate clothes from close up and even place them in a space that offers more room for a thorough inspection. Even the simple zoom-in and zoom-out features or even the rotation features can be very helpful for retailers. bike 24 inch girl

  • AR Filters For Engaging Customers: When one thinks of filters, it is probably platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram that come to mind. However, fashion brands are also leveraging the potential of this technology to drive better results. 

One can create a fun and interactive campaign to engage customers with AR filters that make it easy to gain some traction. You can even check out this  to learn more about implementing AR technology in your fashion business. You can even leverage social media platforms to enhance the reach and effectiveness of such campaigns. 

  • Augmented Reality For Visualizing Products: Body tracking development might still remain in its development phases, but this is not the case with face-tracking technology. This allows fashion brands from all over the world to leverage the potential of these technologies and help customers visualize fashion products with ease. 

For instance, suppose a fashion retailer is dealing with sunglasses for a customer. Conventionally the customer would try the glasses on to see how it fits and looks. But that is not possible in online shopping. This is where AR can be used to help the customer visualize the product before buying it. 

  • In-Store Effects To Lure In Customers: When people think of AR, they assume that only online fashion businesses can benefit from its application. However, this is far from reality as even physical store owners can immensely benefit from AR. You can set up some interactive AR-based in-store effects that will help engage more customers. 

As customers come into the store to try the effects, it automatically increases your chances of making a sale. Many prominent fashion retailers are already leveraging the potential of AR to drive results in their physical stores.     

Final Thoughts

Technology can benefit every business as long as it knows how to use it to its advantage. Thus, leverage this information and make the most of cutting-edge AR technology to boost the growth of your business. Also, visit this link to learn more about implementing AR in fashion businesses.

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