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How Can I Use VPN To Watch Hotstar?

Today, VPN has come out to help people in various spheres by solving their problems with online streaming and browsing. This arena includes the usage of online media platforms such as Hotstar, which is a quite famous application all around the world. Although, you can easily watch Hotstar on your devices with a paid subscription for the same. But sometimes, there are situations where VPNs might come in handy in order to use Hotstar.

Why Do We Need VPN?

Some special circumstances might cause you problems in watching Hotstar. These can be removed by using a VPN for Hotstar. Some of these scenarios are given below:

  • In order to watch some content over Hotstar, that is banned or still not available in your region, you require a VPN.
  • If you are residing in someplace and want to watch some media which is restricted to a particular region besides your region, you can watch it using VPN. For e.g., you can have access to Hotstar US and its content while sitting in India.
  • If there is some content that you cannot watch in your region due to censorship by the authorities, VPN makes sure that your activity of watching such restricted shows is kept secret from everyone so that you do not get caught for it.
  • A VPN provides you the IP address of any location whose data you want to have access to.
  • VPN provides you help in surpassing the geopolitical barriers that occur while watching Hotstar.
  • Other features of VPN such as security and privacy parameters, and good speeds, make sure that you get a safe, secure, and smooth browsing experience.

Thus, using a VPN for having access to Hotstar is necessary under certain circumstances. But you might be a beginner in this process and might not have the know-how of VPN. So now, we will describe in easy steps, how you can watch Hotstar on your mobile, computer, or another device via the use of a VPN.

How To Use A VPN To Stream Hotstar?

There are many free as well as paid VPNs available in the market. The first thing you need to do is make their comparison and choose the best option for you, that fulfills all your needs. The step by step process to use a VPN is given below:

  1. After making a comparison, choose a VPN for your device, and subscribe to it by paying (in case of paid VPNs), or by simply logging in with a little information (in case of free VPNs).
  2. Install the application or software of the respective VPN on the device you want to stream on. Generally, they provide a step-by-step installation guide.
  3. Log in or register your account in the application and make changes to the application according to your preferences.
  4. Connect to a server on the basis of the location you want your IP address to be from. Some VPNs also give you the choice to choose an IP address of your own, while some automatically assign you a hoax IP address.
  5. Now the connection is running. Through the Hotstar website or the Hotstar app, log in to your Hotstar account, and start streaming the content, without any barriers or hurdles!

The user interface of different applications may vary. Yet, most of the applications try to make sure that their application is easy for the users to use. You need not be a technical expert in order to use VPN. Today, a large population is using VPN in order to accomplish certain goals or agendas.

The most crucial step for this process is the selection of the perfect VPN for you. Given below are some VPNs which are great for usage if you want to use them for watching Hotstar.

Best VPN To Watch Hotstar

Nord VPN:

Nord VPN is one of the most famous VPN network providers that provide users with lightning-fast speeds. Especially in the case of Hotstar, it allows the users to stream Hotstar by unblocking its any version from anywhere around the world, to give you smooth browsing and streaming experience.

Nord VPN comes with 30 servers in India only, in case you want to have access to the content on Hotstar India while traveling or from any other corner of the earth, as India has the widest range of content available on Hotstar.

It comes with 256-AES bit encryption which makes it a very secure and stable network. It costs approx. $3.30 per month.

CyberGhost VPN

Cyber Ghost comes with one of the widest VPN networks with its 7200 servers spread across more than 91 countries. IT is great in bypassing geo-restrictions in order to stream media content sites such as Hotstar.

It comes with a meagre price of approx. $2.30 per month, and allows you unlimited bandwidth. This is the cheapest VPN yearly that you may find in the industry. It provides users with high speeds that do not hinder the streaming experience.

It comes with robust security features that allow you to stream content based in any region even while traveling or living in another region.

Proton VPN

It is a free-to-use VPN that provides you unlimited data and bandwidth and allows you to have connections on 10 devices at a time.

It comes with good speed and data protection features that save you from the wrath of encroachers trying to break your privacy.

Its other features such as ad-blocker try to maximize the efficiency of your user experience.

Thus, you can easily watch Hotstar using a VPN. You just have to choose a good VPN based on your region, your budget, and other features you wish for, and then you can stream your favorite Hotstar shows easily.

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