How can you benefit from Offshore React JS development team?

In 2021, ReactJS was the most used web framework. 

There are over 10 million websites built using this framework. And developers also indicate that they wish to continue using React. 

All these point to the fact that React should be the framework you use for your next project. But with that team?

If you’re a traditionalist, then offshore hiring may be taboo for you. But there are actually many benefits you can experience with an offshore team. Let’s discuss those here. 

Benefits of an Offshore Reactjs Team

If you’re used to an in-house team, then shifting to an offshore Reactjs team is a daunting transition. What if there’s ineffective communication? What if the developer steals important information?

Relax! There are ways to mitigate these problems. Hiring an offshore Reactjs team has benefits that overshadow the demerits. 

  • Effective cost-cutting

Having an office comes with lots of maintenance fees. You will have to pay for electricity, equipment, and upkeep costs. This traditional setting is what most people are used to. But it’s high time to start exploring other options. 

You usually have to give in-house employees certain benefits. This includes health insurance and other savings benefits. But if you have an offshore team, especially if you hire freelancers, you don’t have to provide those benefits. 

This gives you extra money to spend on hiring from a better talent pool. 

 An offshore ReactJS team can save you up to $11,000 per employee per year.  

  • Faster Go-To-Market Time

You can hire an offshore ReactJS team if you want to publish your product sooner. How? Because with a dedicated team, you can cherry-pick talent with the exact skills needed for your project. 

This allows teams to finish app development at a much faster pace. 

A remote team is often more streamlined than an in-house team. This is because a remote team cannot afford any lapse in communication. 

Offshore teams also have more at stake if they don’t finish projects on time. The temporary contracts will only be extended if the employer is satisfied with the work. This, itself, is a huge incentive for offshore teams to finish by the deadline. 

  • Easier to scale

An in-house team is often a dead-end for both the employer and employee. There’s less opportunity for the employee to work on unique projects, stalling their skill growth. And for the employer, there’s a lack of fresh ideas. 

An offshore team eliminates this impediment. You have access to a large pool of resources, provided the talent is within your budget. You can find React JS developers for hire with the skills that your project needs. 

So when it comes time for growth, the developers will be able to handle the task easily. It is also easier to increase your team’s size if you rely on remote developers. 

  • Access to Unique Talent

This is perhaps the biggest benefit you get with an offshore team. Your talent pool is basically the whole world. 

Offshore teams aren’t restricted by any geographical limits. So sitting in India, you can hire developers from the U.S. if they have the required skill for your project. 

Offshore teams also have a better opportunity to learn new skills. This is because they’re not burdened with the time taken for office commute and other meaningless activities involved in an office job. 

  • Maintenance and Support

Most offshore hiring companies have extended support as a part of their service offerings. This is usually a show of goodwill in efforts to keep their clients, you, with them. 

With an in-house team, you will probably have to pay another person to take care of maintenance. So hiring an offshore ReactJS team is a cost-effective solution for all your app needs. 

And since the maintenance is provided by the same people who built the app, they are more likely to identify issues and solve them quickly. 

But ensure you check the contract to verify if the offshore team does provide this service. 

  • Better for Business Development

A lot of employers like to breathe down the necks of their in-house team. Whether it’s necessary or not, physical proximity compels them to do it. 

But with an offshore team, you physically cannot do that. Yes, you have to work up to building trust in a remote team, but that usually happens very easily. 

So now, you will have a lot of time you can spend on business development. 

Another benefit with an offshore team is that you pay them only when you have work for them. With an in-house team, you have to pay regardless of whether they’re working or not. This saved cash can be contributed to developing the business. 

Benefits of ReactJS for Web App Development

Yes, an offshore team is miles better than an in-house one. But why ReactJS? Is this library truly better? Let’s find out. 

  • Easy to Learn

Upskilling is sometimes the last factor considered for business development. But, in fact, it’s the most important. 

All the money won’t improve your business if you don’t have the skills to grow. And React, being an easy-to-learn library, hastens business development. 

Even if your hire is relatively unskilled since React is easy, they’ll have a better time learning. All the developer needs are fundamental programming knowledge and familiarity with Javascript. 

  • Rich UI Capability

The User Interface is paramount to your app’s success. It is one of the parameters for SEO as well. 

One of ReactJS’s main advantages is the ability to build a good UI. ReactJS is a declarative library. It allows you to fragment your website into individual components. These components are also reusable. 

The fragmented components allow you to focus on the business logic. This helps in building an attractive and easy-to-use UI. 

You can also use popular UI frameworks like Material UI or Atomize with React. 

  • Custom Components

You have the ability to create custom components on React as it comes with JSX. This is a syntax extension that helps you create components. 

Components let you split the UI into reusable pieces. The ability to compose components gives you even more control over the functions of your application. 

  • Community Support

ReactJS is a library built by Facebook. It is an open-source library with millions of users. These users contribute to the framework regularly, making it easy to learn. 

React experts also frequently upload tutorials and guides on how to use the framework. The community is robust and provides instant answers to all of your questions. 

This is one of the factors that makes React such a beginner-friendly framework. 

  • Facilitates Productivity 

Fast coding is possible on React. Coders can reuse codes and focus on business logic for individual components. 

React has a downward data flow that isolates the parent structure from the child structure. This ensures that a bug in one component doesn’t affect the rest. 

React also has fast rendering capabilities through the virtual DOM structure. This also helps reduce the time taken to complete a project. 

Want a project done in no time? Then an offshore ReactJs team is the best option. Get started with your first offshore project now. 


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