How can you Download NCERT Class 12 PDF?

The NCERT class 12 textbooks are well-designed. All the subject textbooks are available in pdf form and you can download them for free. The NCERT stands for National Council of Education Research and Training. The books provide all the important topics, knowledge, and explain them properly. Students who are preparing for the class 12 board exams must follow and study from the NCERT textbooks. You can also download them for free in pdf form and study from it. The NCERT class 12 pdf also contains additional questions and examples for all the chapters and topics. The NCERT is the counsel whereas the CBSE is the governing body. Thus, you can say that NCERT is the publisher of all the textbooks, study materials, and guides. This article will provide you with all the information on how to download the NCERT class 12 pdf and its importance.

NCERT Class 12 pdf How can you Download

The NCERT class 12 pdf explains all the chapters and also provides chapter-wise explanations. To download the NCERT class 12 pdf you have to follow the following steps:

  • To download first you have to visit the NCERT official website. i.e., You have to visit this site or else you won’t be able to download it.
  • Once you are in, go to the “publications” tab and click on E-books.
  • Once you click on E-books you will get options to download all the textbooks from classes 1-12. These pdfs for classes 1-12 are well explained and easy to understand and you can download them for free.
  • The particular chapter that you want to study can be studied; you just have to select and click on the chapter.
  • Thus, you can study and learn the NCERT class 12 pdf and make your preparation better.

Important Chapters in the NCERT Class 12 Pdf

The NCERT class 12 pdf provides all the subjects pdf. Some of the important chapters that are covered in the class 12 pdf and students must use to learn and practice. The NCERT Maths class 12 pdf covers science, commerce, and arts. You will find all the pdfs for these branches. For science, you can use the PDF to study maths, physics, and chemistry.

In maths learn the concepts and practice the questions from the NCERT class 12 pdf. Chapters like matrices, calculus, vector, etc. can be easily understood and learned from the NCERT pdf. You can solve additional questions and examples from the pdf, in maths you have to practice numerical questions as much as possible and you can do so by using the NCERT class 12 pdf.

In physics, you can use the pdf to learn and polish all the concepts and practice numerical questions. There are many examples used to explain all the important topics, this will help you learn them easily. Practice questions for chapters like electromagnetic waves, ray optics, atoms, and nuclei, etc. Go through the examples and practice the additional questions from the pdf.

In chemistry learn the equations and formulas for all the reactions that are present in the syllabus. Learn the theories and properties of all the elements and also their uses. Chemistry is easy and you can score well if prepared properly.

Commerce and Arts

Commerce and arts subjects are also explained thoroughly and you can learn and practice the chapters properly. The chapters are explained in simple words and made easy for students. The class 12 NCERT pdf for commerce is one of the best study materials and students must use it to prepare for the exam.

Advantages of the Class 12 NCERT Pdf

The class 12 NCERT pdf is available for all the students and they can use it to learn and prepare for their exams. The NCERT pdf is available for all the subjects from classes 1-12. The NCERT class 12 pdf has many advantages and the following are a few of them. This will let you know why the class 12 NCERT pdf is so important and why students are recommended to use it.

  • The NCERT class 12 pdf covers all the chapters and their important topics.
  • The chapters and topics are explained using simple terms and thus, it is very easy to learn from them.
  • The NCERT pdf provides an in-depth learning experience and also helps students to prepare for the competitive exams.
  • You will also find chapter-wise explanations for each chapter and you can download single chapters and their explanations.

The above points are some of the advantages of the class 12 NCERT pdf.

NCERT pdf for English and Hindi

The NCERT pdf is also present for the language subjects. The English and Hindi subjects comprise vast chapters and students sometimes find these difficult to grasp or understand. The class 12 NCERT pdf explains all the stories and poems. The chapters are explained in such a way that you will find no problem understanding and preparing them. For Hindi, there are many chapters and you will find all the chapters NCERT pdf and you can use them to prepare the chapters and their questions. The stories and poems are explained thoroughly and it will help students grasp the gist of the chapters. Practice learning all the questions from the important chapters and topics.

Solved and Unsolved Questions

In the class 12 NCERT pdf and every other NCERT pdf, there are solved and unsolved questions present at the end of each chapter. You must take advantage of these additional questions. Some of the benefits of learning and practicing these additional questions are as follows:

  • You will get familiar with the pattern and style of the questions.
  • You will also improve your speed and accuracy. This will also improve your time management skills.
  • The greater number of questions you solve the more knowledge and ideas you gain regarding that subject.

Practice the PDF questions and examples for the best outcome.


This article talked about how to download and what are the use and benefits of the class 12 NCERT pdf. Hope that the above points are enough to pursue you to use the NCERT class 12 pdf during your preparation. Thus, you can use the class 12 NCERT pdf for your preparations and score well.

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