How Can Your Team Use Miro Effectively?

Miro software is famous in the business as an online collaboration whiteboard platform. The software allows teams to create the next big thing. The best thing about Miro is that it provides the best collaboration solutions. All the innovative tools and templates offered by the software facilitate easy collaboration. Accordingly, it allows team members to work together anywhere in the world. So, how can your team use Miro effectively? Let’s explore more!

The Main Concept of Miro Project Management

The main concept of Miro project management was to build a perfect platform for real-time collaboration. The software makes it easier for team members who work remotely to get effective collaboration.

Miro software helps all the team members to work as if they are sitting next to each other, even if they are working remotely.

What Your Team Can Do with Miro?

The Miro demo has shown how the software helps to address use cases through various different areas. How? Keep on reading!

  • For meetings and workspaces

Miro provides online meetings a more feeling of “in-person energy.” With this platform, all your team members can be more engaged. Eventually, all the ideas can easily flow freely.

  • For online creativities

With Miro software, all your team members can unleash their creative ideas. All will be performed on an infinite canvas. Most importantly, they will be able to collaborate from any location. The software also provides some sticky notes, diagrams, and more to help you get the work done. 

  • For mapping and diagramming

Miro helps you to create sturdy maps and diagrams. This way, the software help to elevate knowledge and align everyone to be in  the same vision. The software works well for diagramming complicated systems, the project progresses, and customer journeys. 

  • For UX and design thinking

In a Miro review, users stated that they can collaborate easily on design sprints, customer journeys, maps, wireframes, and more with Miro. The software empowers you and your team members to generate ideas and express your insights. In the end, it will help you to transform the way your team builds products. 

  • For strategies and plans

Miro softwareassists you to plan from strategy to execution. The platform makes it easier to conduct compelling remote planning sessions and create visual presentations. Even better, your team members will be able to manage and track all the progress together.

In a nutshell, Miro makes your online meetings more productive and fun. What’s more, you can also integrate the software with some other applications easily.

What Can You Do with Miro?          

Miro project managementaims to assist remote teams to work effectively and more productively. How? Below are some things your team can do with Miro.

Make Everything Easier with Sticky Notes

Sticky notes will be ideal if you have a list of various items in your spreadsheet and want your team members to be able to categorize or prioritize those items. You can easily turn those items into a set of sticky notes.  All you need is to copy the entire list you have on your Google Sheets and then paste it in Miro. The best part? Each item will be displayed as a separate sticky note in Miro software. 

Customize Your Sticky Notes

As we mentioned above, Miro software makes your work more fun and productive. The platform allows you to customize sticky notes to any shape. All you have to do is select either a single note or a group of them. Then, in the pop-up that appears, you can simply select your desired shape.

Add Some Tags on Your Notes

Yes, you can add some tags to your sticky notes. This will make you better organize your notes. You can simply select the note and click the tag icon that appears in the pop-up. Then you can enter a new name above to create a new tag.

Export the Organized Sticky Notes to CSV

If you think that you have organized your sticky notes the way you want, you can export them to CSV. Simply click the three dots you will see on the far right of the pop-up menu to select a group, and then export it to CSV.

No Need for Screen Sharing

At Miro software, multiple people can access the board at the same time. In fact, you will be able to see where everyone`s mouse is. How? You can simply ask all your team members to open the board on their devices. This way, all team members can follow along and contribute to Miro. In the end, you can make the meetings more engaging. 

Perfect for Quick Design Fixups

Whenever you need to communicate visual ideas quickly, Miro can help you to build a basic design.  For example, if you need to change how some copy on the platform looks, you can add some blocks on the board. This will allow them to sit while the developer works on the frontend.

On the other hand, do note that the board will not allow for very complex design work. Even though you can get a variety of limited fonts and you can group them. Yet,  there will be no layers. 

Get Hyperlink for Every Item on the Board

To access this link, all your team members should do is select the object and click the three dots you can see on the far right toolbar. Then all they need is to click the Copy Link option. This way, your team members can paste the link anywhere (Slack, for example). Eventually, they will be directed to the original item.

What about Safety?

The Miro demo has mentioned that the cloud of this software is secure. In fact, millions of businesses have been using it every single day. Eventually, whiteboards might not be very interesting to competitors. Why? Because they are, to be honest, most of the time graffiti and notes. In other words, only you and your team members can understand. So, if you are careful not to retain sensitive information such as customer data, you will not need to worry about safety.

What about the Miro Cost?

Speaking of Miro cost, the software offers very affordable pricing plans. Miro pricing is starting at $10 per user monthly. Better yet, for those who are just starting out, the software offers a free plan with unlimited team members.

Wrapping Up

Miro software, undoubtedly, makes your team members work more fun and productively. Many teams have been using Miro and get all the work done perfectly. Is your team excited to be one of them?


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