How Diamond Shapes Affect Your Diamond’s Value?

If you own a piece of diamond or diamond jewelry then consider it to be a big responsibility as diamonds are not only used for flaunting at parties and other occasions but they can also be used for fulfilling your quick cash needs without getting involved in the complications of loans. 

This is one of the main reasons why so many people out there consider diamonds as an investment rather than an expense. While many people can argue about the slow pace of increase in the diamond price, still it is a safer investment in comparison to all other options that can drop overnight. 

But if you are planning on selling a diamond then you should be completely aware of the different factors that affect its overall value. Although all the 4Cs of diamond play a major role in its market value, in this blog post, we are going to look at how the shape of diamond can have an effect on its price. 

Why are some diamond shapes more expensive than others?

There are many customers who are not interested in seeing two different shapes of diamond having the same carat weight, clarity, color, and cut quality since they think that other than 4Cs, they should not consider anything else while getting a loan in Miami on a diamond. This, however, is not true at all. 

The amount of diamond wasted 

There are many factors that can make one diamond shape more expensive than others and one of these factors is the amount of diamond that has been wasted while cutting and shaping the diamond. 

Every piece of diamond that you see in the case of a jewelry shop or on online websites was once a rough piece of diamond and it came to the shape you see through various stages of cutting and polishing. 

Each diamond shape requires a different cutting process. For example, the process involved in shaping a diamond into an emerald cut diamond is completely different from what is used in a round brilliant cut diamond. 

Every cutting process requires the removal of a portion of the rough diamond and this is necessary to shape the diamond into a perfect form. The percentage of diamond removed varies as per the shape. So the larger the amount of diamond wasted, the higher its price will be. 

This is why, before getting a loan in Miami on a diamond, you should always consider the shape of the diamond as it will give you a better idea about how much is your diamond worth. 


If you are thinking that cutting percentage is the only factor that makes one shape of diamond more expensive than another then you must look at the aspect of popularity as well. The craze for diamonds in the market is something unique and this is why even the popularity of shapes decides the overall price of diamonds. 

The most popular shape of diamond is round brilliant cut and you will be surprised to know that round brilliant cuts count for more than 75% of the diamond sales along with more than 60% of engagement rings. 

Since the popularity of one shape of diamond is more, all the shops are supposed to charge premium prices for these shapes. Even the loan companies consider this factor when they give you a loan in Miami on diamonds. 

Which is the most expensive diamond cut?

The round brilliant cut is the most expensive diamond cut in the market and it is not because the round brilliant cut looks good but it is because of the amount of rough diamond lost during the shaping of the round brilliant cut. 

In addition to this, the round brilliant cut diamonds are highly versatile as well and this allows them to look brilliant in all styles of engagement rings in addition to other jewelry sets. Besides, round brilliant cut diamonds are timeless as well, and therefore, they will never become outdated and their demand will keep on increasing with time. 

Which is the cheapest diamond cut?

All those diamond shapes that use a large amount of rough diamond in their final form are the cheapest diamond shapes available in the market. So cust like Asscher, radiant, emerald, princess and cushion are the cheapest options that you have in the market. 

So, if you want to buy the cheapest diamond shape then just look at the amount of rough diamond that is still there in the final form. 

Buying the right type of diamond or getting the right amount of loan in Miami on diamond might be challenging but with proper research and an understanding of the basics of diamond, you can make sure to buy or sell diamonds without getting scammed. You should also use this blog post as a guide to understanding how the shape of a diamond affects its price. 


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