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How IPTECHVIEW could revolutionize the Video Surveillance and Security Camera Installer and Integrator space.

IPTECHVIEW is a universal cloud management platform for intelligent decentralized systems like video surveillance, access control, IoT, and infrastructure.

The concept of IPTECHVIEW is to pre-configure cameras so that they can be installed in record time at customer sites and final configuration is done by the partner in the cloud on the remote management platform. This reduces installation time and cost  by a factor of 3 or more. Considering today’s high energy prices affecting travel and higher labor, moving final setup to a remote task significantly lowers overall installation cost and also provides a channel for partners to provide long-term remote maintenance services to their customers.

End users get a simple to use comprehensive video surveillance solution with a short learning curve so that anyone that should have access can use the system with no to minimal training yet security specialist and loss prevention team get the features they need. Integrators get a secure remote management and monitoring platform.

With IPTECHVIEW SYSTEM, organizations and their integrator partners have the capability to remotely – and securely – monitor and manage all their projects and provide an exceptional level of uptime, service, and speed in incident resolution.

Video Surveillance 

When considering video surveillance systems, it’s not uncommon for installation to be an afterthought—or at least not the topmost concern. You may focus on technical features or prioritize what your budget will allow.

The quality of a camera system’s infrastructure and design is as important as its features. IPTECHVIEW axis server less so design is very simple. All logic and connectivity is managed by the cameras themselves.  Security is very high with cameras having security certificates and always connecting to the system over encrypted tunnels.

One of the great things about video surveillance is that you can not only see live video but also record in the cloud and see things that happened in the past. In addition to security, your video can be used for process improvement, policy enforcement, HR issues, material handling, storage & space optimization, training, and more.

To Install A Cloud Security Camera Solution For Business

A security camera system keeps spaces secured be it a business, an office, an organization, or external spaces like parking lots, construction sites, or even public parks. Most systems come with one or more cameras, sometimes infrared illumination or motion sensors, and an alerting device such as a siren. With Cloud Direct Security Cameras, you can deploy a  business security camera system in record time and start  monitoring the protected space from anywhere in no time.

How do you install Direct Cloud Security Cameras?

All needed is the cameras and a POE Switch connected to a router. The only decisions that that need to be made are where to install cameras and the right camera type and model for each location.

Security cameras have either fixed lenses, are multi-focal or in case of PTZ cameras feature multi-focal lenses that rotate, pan, and zoom; others include infrared LEDs (for nighttime monitoring) and smart motion detectors that can alert you when someone comes into view. There are even models with two-way audio (so you can hear what’s happening outside).

IPTECHVIEW supports AXIS, MOBOTIX and some NDAA cameras along to its own line of UNIVERSAL cameras that come ship preconfigured for immediate deployment.


Security cameras are a great investment for any business owner, or organizational manager responsible for the physical security of spaces, assets or people.

As a security company, we’ve installed security cameras for many different types of businesses ranging from small businesses, larger medical facilities, or multi-site installs all of which have different needs for video surveillance. Watch IPTECHVIEW guide on installing cameras. This video guide helps business owners and choose the right type of solution based on their specific needs and discover the benefits of pre-configured cloud direct cameras for a business security camera system.


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