How is BIMI Protecting Your Brand from Scammers?

Your customer-facing brand is what draws in visitors to your products/services and leads to conversion. Having an impeccable brand reputation can not only place your brand in a position of unmatched credibility, it can also make or break your business. This is where email security comes into play. While you are sending out marketing emails to your customers and partners on a daily basis to promote your services, hackers and impersonators can spoof your domain using social engineering tactics, to send malicious emails. These emails get lost among the legitimate ones sent by you, urging unsuspecting clients to open them eventually instigating wire transfers or leading to credential thefts. track employee productivity


Well, the next time your clients receive an email from you, it is natural human instinct that they would be reluctant to even open it even if it is legitimate after being scammed once. Even if you use email authentication protocols like SPF, DKIM, and DMARC, there is no way for your recipients to know whether an email sent from your domain is legitimate or not. This is why you need Brand Indicators for Message Identification or BIMI that makes way for your receivers to visually identify your brand in their inboxes.

What is BIMI?

When you use Brand Indicators for Message Identification, or BIMI, to verify your email, your subscribers will know you are a legitimate business and are more likely to open your emails. By integrating your brand logo into emails, it acts as a second layer of security that makes recipients less likely to doubt the authenticity of your email. Then, if the email is ever cloned by a spammer, recipients will know it’s fake because your logo won’t be present.


BIMI is nothing but a short set of instructions that can be passed to the email client. BIMI works with different types of email clients and can only work if the receiver has BIMI activated. Much more than just an email authentication protocol, BIMI is an easy-to-implement email marketing solution designed to help you build your brand recognition.

How Can BIMI Help Your Brand?

  • With BIMI every time you send an email, your customers will see your logo in their inbox, reinforcing your image, driving new customer inquiries, and building brand loyalty.
  • It’s a great way to get your customers thinking about your brand even when you’re not around.
  • A familiar logo will be recognizable to customers as a brand they have a relationship with. BIMI paved the way for enhancing your brand recall and enhancing your customer’s confidence.
  • A trusted email will instantly catch the attention of recipients. BIMI is a visual identifier that displays your brand’s unique logo making it easy for recipients to identify and trust your brand. Thereby boosting email deliverability.
  • BIMI is an easy way to indicate your message has been authenticated through visual confirmation.


Note: BIMI builds on a foundation of DMARC, giving you more security with your existing DMARC deployment.

Steps to Protect Your Brand from Scammers with BIMI

Before implementing BIMI, there are a few essential requirements that must be met:


  1. BIMI Record demands that your domain is DMARC-authenticated at a policy level of enforcement (‘reject’ or ‘quarantine’)


  1. You must create and upload an SVG file for your logo as per the BIMI SVG to a server.


  1. You need to access your domain’s DNS to publish a new BIMI DNS record.


Sounds complicated? PowerDMARC makes the deployment process simpler for you. With us you no longer have to ponder over complexities in configuring the protocol, instead, you can focus on using it to your and your brand’s benefit.

3 Step BIMI Implementation with PowerDMARC

When you sign up for DMARC deployment with PowerDMARC, you’re also getting BIMI implementation on the house. With PowerBIMI implementation of your part is reduced to three basic steps:


  • Shift to a DMARC policy of enforcement (p=reject/quarantine)
  • Upload your BIMI-compliant SVG logo image
  • Generate your BIMI record with our free BIMI record generator.


And voila! You’re done configuring BIMI in the click of a button. In the present situation, Verizon Media Group (Yahoo, AOL, etc) supports the display of logos if you meet the requirements, and even leading industry players like Gmail are in their pilot program.


Make BIMI a part of your organization’s email security suite today with PowerDMARC, and take your brand recall to the next level.

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