How Math Helps Cyber Security Careers

The fact that your computer is working or your phone can respond to clicks denies you a chance to think much about what goes on behind the screen. Whether you are telling the world what you had for breakfast, expressing your political views, or posting a video of your favorite kitten, you are operating within the binary system of ‘1’ and ‘0’. Get someone to do my math homework while you focus on your core area of study like cyber security.

Cyber security is increasingly becoming a lucrative career option as corporations handle more data. The sector is expected to grow by huge margins in the next decades. But how does it relate to math and what areas of math are useful in cyber security? Here are a few insights to consider.

Boolean Values

Boolean Values is a branch of algebra invented by George Boole. Some of the computers today use the language as the basic operating tool. Interestingly, George Boole was not alive when the mathematical language was adopted.

Boolean values are also used in some of the programming languages like Python. The language helps the resulting software and apps to make decisions as well as generate responses. For the cyber security teams, Python is one of their major languages. If you understand algebra, and specifically they Boolean values, you will become a top cyber security practitioner.

Complex Algebra Numbers

Complex Numbers is a branch of algebra that is also referred to as Imaginary Numbers. For math enthusiasts, this is one of the fun topics if you understand the principle. The idea is to use ‘i’ as the square root of -1. The concept is also useful in calculus. If you have gotten stuck in a calculus question, you will appreciate the help that comes from using this methodology.

Complex Numbers are useful in optics and electronics. They also help in quantum theory to describe period phenomena like waves. Because of the principle, they help to design filters, radio astronomy and signal integrity in digital electronic settings. They also help in situations that involve alternating currents.


Currently, cryptography accounts for the most rampant math usage in cybersecurity. You will recognize the usage of cryptography when your bank, app, or email gives you an option to send an encrypted message. The simplest example of cryptography in use is the availability of puzzles in word format instead of numbers. In these cases, each of the numbers represents a letter. As you fill the words on the puzzle, the letters represented by the other numbers are revealed.

Cryptography works in such a way that you can figure out the meaning of a sentence by removing filler words like ing, and, or, the, and to, among others. People also use cryptography in ordinary conversations. By agreeing to the meaning of different words or letters, the recipient can decode your message.

Cybersecurity uses the same principle in different situations. An ordinary reader will understand the message differently. However, the recipient or the decoding software will interpret the message differently. Using this method, you can communicate securely, especially without leaking your message to enemies. In case the message lands in the wrong hands, it does not compromise your communications.

Cybersecurity experts and installations use many other math topics. Some may be used individually while others are used as a combination. While math is used in computers and cybersecurity, it remains behind the scenes.

How to prepare for a cybersecurity career through math

Cybersecurity experts do not use actual math in their daily work. However, they must understand the principles behind different commands and actions on the computer. Some of these principles do not involve a single calculation or equation. As long as you can identify the principle at work in a command or response, you will be ready to work.

You are charged with protecting the company and client data using secure systems. A cyber security expert also performs vulnerability tests and penetration analysis. It is your responsibility to monitor networks and defend them against attacks. The company will also be depending on you for security procedures as well as manuals.

Learn different math principles and their application in computer science. You will need to understand your role in protecting data and systems from a breach. It is the understanding of principles that helps you to secure data and create a safe environment for businesses as well as their clients. 


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