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How Much Does It Cost To Run Paid Ads In Google?

Google Ads, previously termed Google Adwords, is Google’s paid advertising platform. You can utilize Google Ads to design advertisements, bid on precise keywords, and decide how much you volunteer to spend for every click on your advertisement because Google Ads functions on an auction system, which ensues in real-time.

Therefore when a user looks for a keyword you have selected, your advertisement would appear on the top of the search result if your bid was higher than what others bid for that specific keyword. However, the result would have a little label next to it, implying a paid result.

How Does Google Ads Work?

When researching how much it costs to run paid ads on Google, you need to understand how the platform works. That’s because the layout of the auction system highly impacts your Google Ads cost. Therefore understanding how it functions can help you devise a more realistic budget for your campaigns.

Google Ads employs an auction prototype to decide both ad sequence and price. An ad auction starts when a user searches for something on Google. If the search query corresponds with keywords that advertisers are vigorously bidding on, suitable ads auction.

Within the auction, ad sequence and cost per click are specified by an advertisement’s Ad Rank. Your ad’s ad rank is established on two things – your maximum bid for that precise keyword and your ad’s quality score. Here the point worth noting is that you can end up paying less while holding a higher ad placement if your ad has a stellar quality score.

How Much Does Google Ads Cost?

Although businesses spend hefty amounts on paid advertisements, there is no one-size-fits answer for, “How much do Google Ads cost?” That’s because the platform is extremely customizable, letting you control when you spend and how much you desire to spend on it.

However, certain factors hold an impact on such cost discrimination. Thus analyzing them can help you have a near clear answer to how much Google Ads will cost your business. These are:

1.   Industry

The industry your business servers in is generally the most important determinant of your Ads cost. For instance, business servicing legal, accounting, etc., services are typically translated into more expensive costs per click (CPC), while businesses in the arts and entertainment industry have smaller CPCs. And the reason for the disparity is the nature of the professional services industry.

2.   Customer Lifecycle

The customer lifecycle is also taken into consideration. Potential clients might take longer to get through their decision, which implies multiple visits to your website, numerous content downloads, and more.

Trends are never static, and so do the advertising platforms. This makes it important to keep up with what’s going on in your niche to ensure you embrace the right one to stand compared to other advertisers in your industry.


Although there is no precise answer when it comes to advertisement cost on Google, thorough research by a PPC Management Agency like King Kong on related factors can help you know how much it could possibly cost. So make sure you do your homework before indulging your funds for better results.


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