How Significant Is Having Storage Space In Vhicles?

A ute tray carries different articles and goods in one’s vehicle. Also, it acts as extra protection for automobiles. Generally, the materials used for making these ute trays are steel, alloy and aluminium. The aluminium ute trays are mostly shiny and lighter in weight. So it helps to carry more weight. Substantially the heaviness of an aluminium tray is 100 kg and can carry weight up to 900kg.

In Australia, different ute trays are available and provide a finite construction. The dealers construct the designs as per the customer needs. Most of the dealers in Australia make these trays by blending aluminium extraction and sheet metal. The mounting of these trays in the back of vehicles provides a large surface area and reduces the burden of the wheels.

Different ways to make custom the ute trays

  • Steel racks

Installing steel racks helps prevent the falling of articles from off-road travelling. So it acts as a securing object. And also, steel racks with roofs provide extra storage space and can be used as a tent during running with heavy loads. So many providers bestow this service in Australia.

  • LED lights

Using LED lights helps to prevent danger to an extent. And it is significant for heavily loaded vehicles. The lights on the side and tail help understand what other motors know about the wheelers. So they always try to keep a safe distance.

  • Flooring

The timber flooring helps to support the shifting of furniture without any damage. Also, this can change into a small room during travelling.

  • Ladder rack

The ladder racks can also mount on them. And it is more affordable to set up on the ute for the trade. The store stock, sheets or ladders are easily and out of harm’s way.

  • Aluminium canopies

It provides a secure, reliable and affordable storage solution for gear, keeping those valuables away from weather and prying eyes. They are light in weight with neatly recessed doors.

  • Caravan boxes

It is specifically designed for low lying, low resistance storage.

 Pros of aluminium ute trays over steel ute trays

  • By Comparing the weights, aluminium is lighter in weight than steel. So it will help to decrease the fuel consumption in vehicles. Also, it reduces tyre wear.
  • Aluminium trays are less harmful to the environment compared to steel trays.
  • Aluminium is a metal that offers corrosion And also rust-free and non-ferrous. But steel is ferrous and has anti-corrosion resistance.
  • The non-corrosive resistance property of aluminium helps to use these in coastal areas and beach-going utilities. But the steel will start to damage when it comes into contact with salt water.
  • The aluminium tray can paint if it needs to be. And easy to repair.

Benefits of using aluminium ute trays

  • It is more affordable, so it is helpful for farmers, plumbers etc. The tray is safe and can be used in almost all conditions. The lockable canopy will provide more safety. Its flexible design contributes vast deck space to store spare tyres, water cans and toolboxes.
  • And the replacing of an old tray with this aluminium tray is affordable and an easy process.
  • The heavy-duty aluminium is used to sustain all the weather conditions and rust. It will carry bulky things and no need for extra painting to this.
  • The trays are available in different styles. So one can buy it as per the size of the cabin. The customized version of these trays is also for personal use.
  • To increase the storage capacity, one can extend its size without any difficulty.
  • The robust design ensures durability and prevents damaging weight.


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