How To Ace Class 9th Mathematics Chapter 3 In Less Time

Mathematics is one subject that needs a little extra attention. A lot of students find it challenging to grasp which is probably because it requires using correct logic at the right time. The calculation that comes along with it also increases with each standard. The calculations for class 9th are not that easy. It is also to be noted that the 9th exam is also an important class when it comes to building strong concepts and bases for next year’s boards. Also one should take care that developing an interest in the subject right from the start is extremely important in scoring good marks and forming a career.

Maths is full of solving questions but that requires having good knowledge of the theory part of it. Without understanding the theory the practical part cannot be done.

So if acing Maths subject in your 9th class is your aim make sure you are ready to work hard and have developed enthusiasm in the subject already. Scoring good marks in class 9th Maths is a completely achievable goal. Only with a little bit of hard work and practise good marks can be scored in Maths. 

Here are a few suggestions that you can adopt to help yourself in acing the 9th class Maths:-

1. Make an effective timetable 

A timetable can help you to manage and organize all the topics and sub-topics of Maths. This is really helpful as you can mark all the days with particular subtopics of chapter 3 to ensure that the entire chapter is completed on time. One can also fix the time and number of hours for every subtopic to avoid spending too much time on one particular topic. The other good thing to incorporate in the timetable is keeping slots for doubt clarification as this is also an important part to do if you are aiming to score high in this subject. With all these strategies, timetables can be best utilized for scoring good marks in Mathematics. So, do give this trick a try.

2. Have a good solution book

Since scoring good marks in Maths is all about practising different types of questions every day. For practice this is also having a solution book by your side is an important thing. Solution book will ensure that you have quick help always ready. RS Aggarwal Class 9 Chapter 3 Solution can help you to clear all your doubts instantly. You can start by carefully watching the solution step and then can practice it. Always try to go through the solution again and again whenever you get stuck at any particular step or question. It is also helpful if you always rely on self-study. Next time do give this trick a try and see how easily the performance improves.

3. Note the points where you are making mistakes

One thing that really helps in scoring well is knowing where exactly one commits mistakes. This may be a step in the answer or a particular question that one is continuously unable to do right. If you pay attention to these mistakes you might not end up making them again in the exam. While solving the chapter make sure you have a separate notepad along so as to jot down the areas that need more practice. This trick can also help in other subjects where practical solutions are required for example Science or graphs/statistics. 

4. Leave a question for some time if unable to understand 

There might be a particular question or a sub-topic that you are not able to comprehend well. This question of topic can become quite time-consuming and confusing. The best way to deal with such questions is by leaving them for some time. Come back after a good break and then it might be easier to understand. Sometimes, the concentration level goes down after continuously studying for hours. This might become the reason for the inability to grasp the concepts easily. Wasting time over some questions can prove to be futile and hence it is best to take a short break before continuing with your studies.

5. Take interest for better concentration

Concentration is the key in Maths, without which it will be impossible to ace any topic of maths. If you haven’t developed an interest in the subject it is time to do so. Developing interest will help you to feel encouraged in indulging in more Maths. Interest and concentration go hand in hand. So make sure you develop either of them for pursuing the other. For chapter 3 maths or is important to understand the theory part of the chapter as well as the concepts to know what the chapter is all about.

6. Don’t underestimate your potential

It is a common myth amongst students that they cannot ace Maths or that Maths is too difficult. This is not the case. Maths is just a subject that needs more logic and reasoning as compared to the other subjects.

It is best to know that there is nothing that you cannot do. Everything is achievable in Maths. Encouraging yourself will only help you to become better and enhance your performance every day in Maths. So, do not forget to give yourself a dose of motivation every day.


It is best to encourage yourself in your studies as the following years will be crucial. What you should also know is that without hard work it will not be possible to have a good career ahead. 9th standard is the time when you must develop an interest in subjects that you think you have the potential to outdo yourself every time. Enjoy Maths and know that it is definitely not difficult to ace it if you study well. All the above-listed tips and tricks can help you to easily become the best at it. Try to have a positive mindset as that helps to unlock the potential needed to become better at studies. Also, if one has a good level of concentration and focus then the time and effort to learn will be needed less. So, Make sure you do your best to achieve the best.

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