How To Ace English Subject In Class 11th In Less Time

English is one of the most interesting subjects of all time. From good stories, interesting poems, and intriguing dramas, the world of English is quite enjoyable. However, when it comes to scoring marks in the subject, certain types of challenges come up. Some topics are a bit tricky, sometimes the question paper is difficult. Many people find comprehending poetry difficult on the other hand. Since in 11th class the syllabus for each subject is neverending you may find sparing time for English too difficult. On the other hand, this may also be a possibility that some students may find English not so interesting. Whatever the case maybe it is indeed a fact that English is a compulsory subject no matter what stream you are from.

With little effort, a lot is achievable in English. Yes, English can indeed be quite a scoring subject if you read it well. Since literature demands reading between the lines and grammar demands acing all the rules, it comes as a fact that English does need your time and effort but only a bit. To ace English in less time can be a great idea. This way you will be able to make time for other subjects which are more lengthy and difficult than English.

So, if you are looking for some suggestions that can help you with covering up the English syllabus in less time, do give the following a try. 

1. Develop interest via peer teaching

Friends teaching each other is a lot more helpful. Your friends can better explain your chapters in layman language. They can also utilise the tricks with which they have learnt the lessons. The interest and concentration level shoots up when your friends are teaching you a lesson. So next time you are running short of time but really want to score your best, organize a group study session and decide which friend will explain what topic. Not only will this help you to understand the chapters well but will also help you to save a good amount of time.

2. Focus on NCERT 

Boards or not, NCERT is simply the best. One should definitely invest time, energy and effort in NCERT. Class 11 English Hornbill NCERT Book is one of the best books to get a hold on. The explanation is simple and will not consume a lot of your time. Going thoroughly through the book is important as you can expect a lot of direct questions from this book. When exam times are around the corner you should also not prefer to spend time researching books or reference books. A budget-friendly NCERT is all that you need. Try to make notes from them and give them a good revision. 

3. Make one-liner or short notes 

It is important to make notes but time-consuming notes is never a good idea. Try to always keep notes crisp and concise as this will help you to revise them easily. Anytime you can rush through this quick one-liner and a lot of your syllabus will be covered in the least time possible. Also, make sure you only give needed time in notes making. Writing or typing can consume a lot of your time which results in less or no time at all. So it is better to focus on what is productive and not much time-consuming. This is why it is always advisable to go for short notes. 

4. Make time for grammar rules

To score well it is essential to make separate dedicated time for grammar rules. To understand and write any answer well it is essential to know the grammar. Good hold on the grammar rules can take your grades to another level. Not only in 11 or 12, but grammar is also important for the competitive exams and for life in general. One should also try to only practice grammar rules with the help of examples as this will help to ace the English subject easily. Also without any grammar rules, it will be difficult for the person to even understand the English well.

5. Comprehend every line of  poetry well

Poetry also takes time to comprehend. Without proper comprehension, it will be difficult to score well in poetry. Sometimes there might be some difficulty when it comes to I’m as they are too intricate. Dedicated a fixed time for poetry chapters. You can take help from various reference books to understand poetry by every line. Many times poetry questions are asked from in text and this is when things can get complicated as questions are indirect and twisted. Also, explaining answers will also require a complete understanding of poetry. To ace, the subject makes sure you have given ample time to English.

6. Practice exercise given at the end of each chapter

Questions given at the end of the chapters are generally asked in the exam. Examiner would just twist the questions and the examinee would need to answer in detail. These questions are also helpful in building conceptual clarity and a strong foundation. Also, what can also be done is to create a mixed bag of questions using various sources. One can also check out important questions from other sources, however, the in-text questions and questions given at the back are sufficient to ace the subject of English.


English can become one of the most scoring subjects of all time. Unlike other subjects, it does not have unending complicated and twisted concepts or lengthy practical questions. The above-listed tricks and tips can easily help to become a good performer. Class 11th is one of the most crucial standards as it is not very easy and a lot of distractions are present around this age. Make sure you are doing justice to your studies by giving sufficient time to it. Boards and future career times depend on how well you are performing and how sincere you are towards your studies. Developing good concentration at studies is a must-do thing for making sure the way to a good career is marked.

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