How To Alleviate Your Anxiety With Mobile Games 

The online realm is a complex world that we must navigate on a daily basis. With an influx of remote working and hyper-dependence on technology to assist us in our everyday lives, we have become so accustomed to our mobile devices that they barely ever leave our hands.

When you need your brain distracted by the stressors of your reality, we tend to be drawn to social media to escape – but end up in a place even more harmful. Using anxiety relief games instead works wonders on your mental health and has been promoted by certified psychologists to help alleviate your anxious thoughts. Here are some fun games to try when the next time you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Alto’s Adventures 

When you’re on the lookout for a calming game you’re looking for soft colour pallets, a different choice of modes but also something that is entertaining and can have you distracted for a good couple of minutes. Alto’s adventure packs all those attributes into one fun game. They’ve even added a zen mode feature where all obstacles and scores are removed, sounds like a great feature for real life!

The game features snowboarding down an endless hill while dodging multiple obstacles and fleeing from the elders. This game keeps you engaged and focused while letting your brain conquer obstacles. If the original mode is too stressful, switch to zen mode and you can glide down the hill in peace.

Forest Island

This game falls under the “idle game” category, as there are no challenges or time crunches, which makes it perfect for full relaxation. You simply go around your island decorating and planting to your heart’s content. The objective is to restore the island for the many animals that live there while collecting hearts and energy. The more you collect and play, the more serene and beautiful your island will become. The game features soothing sounds of nature to really immerse you into the island.

Tsuki’s Odessey 

It doesn’t get more relaxing than playing as an adorable little rabbit as he navigates a peaceful landscape – conversing with other animals to purchase furniture, obtain prizes and farm carrots. Like many of the games at Grand Rush Casino online the storyline is captivating yet easy to follow and the game allows for some concentration while still being relaxing and fun. The animation style is extremely cute and satisfying to play with. There are ASMR sounds and small details you won’t find in other games.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a virtual reality game that transports you to a world where you’ve given up city life to live in a cabin in the woods. Your daily activities include watering crops and engaging in light conversation with other characters. You may find tranquillity in the honest work that needs to be done to run a farm, and if things get a bit boring you can go dungeon diving to fight a few monsters – if only real life were this entertaining! If your love life is causing you anxiety, this game also offers a dating feature where you can go on dates with virtual characters.

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector 

Cats are the universal symbol of relaxation, so the developers at Hit Point Co. knew what they were doing when they made a game with the sole objective of attracting kittens to your home. You simply do this by curating the perfect kitty paradise in your backyard, the more cats you collect the more fun you can have. This game gives you the happiness you get from pets, without the stress of keeping a real animal alive and healthy. Plus, the animations are just adorable and sure to give you a few moments of peace.


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