How to change your look by wearing glasses?

If you wear glasses, they are probably the first thing that people notice when they see you. Whether they will be impressed or not depends on your choice of glasses.

Just like your clothes send people cues about your personality, so do your glasses. However, you may feel the need to change your appearance from time to time. The good news is that you don’t have to spend on expensive clothes or upgrade your wardrobe. You simply need to change your specs or buy a new pair if you haven’t worn them before.

Here is how you can get a refreshing look by just donning a pair of glasses.

Colors are fun, right?

After putting up with a long and sad 2021, we all deserve some colors that represent life and positivity. If you like warm shades, go all out on life-affirming hues such as red, orange and yellow. And if you are a fan of soothing colors, try lilac or soft pink.

Gothic black and popping pink are among the latest color trends this spring. However, try more neon and pastel shades as they are raging in eyewear these days.

Even if you are going for clear glasses for women, make sure your frame has a faint tint to alter your usual appearance. No matter if you buy warm shades or cool-toned glasses, always keep your complexion in mind while shopping for frames.

If you have a warm skin tone, wear colours that reflect nature such as amber, peach and coral. Avoid jewel tones as they can wash out your beautiful warm skin tone.

For cool skin types, go blue, violet or silver. You may also choose to wear warm colours in rosy red or pale yellow (perfect sunny hue).

Colourful frames are better than neutral ones as they help you stand out, catch attention and brighten up your face.

Consider your face shape

Glasses are a great fashion accessory that enhances your appearance if only you style them correctly or choose the right shape.

One of the easiest ways when shopping for the right style of glasses is to consider your face shape. Look what your face lacks and pick a frame that hides your less attractive features. For example, if you have soft features with less defined angles, angular frames will make your face look slim and well-structured.

However, if your face already has prominent angles, soften them out a bit by wearing round or circular specs. They will take the attention away from your natural angles and bring balance to your natural symmetry. When buying spectacles online, use the virtual mirror to see how a frame style looks on your face shape.

Embrace your feminine side with feminine frames

The masculine look is comfortable and sexy sometimes. But, nothing beats the feeling when you are all dressed up in a dreamy outfit, high heels and a cat-eye frame just to add to the feminine touch. Think of all the hearts you are going to steal.

Cat-eye glasses for women will help you flaunt your soft side and change your appearance with a ladylike touch. For a bold look, choose metal cat-eye glasses. For delicate moments, wear a transparent upswept frame in a light tint such as candy pink or lilac.

Take it to the next level

When in doubt, wear hipster glasses. They are just as geek glasses if only the geeks were fashionable and trendy. Hipsters have the desire to showcase their uniqueness and individuality and everything they wear. This is why as soon as a bunch of people hop on a trend, hipsters start to look for something else.

What else could be a great fit for showing your individuality than trusting a hipster frame? If you also want to throw caution to the wind and are willing to take fashion risks, hipster fashion is for you. Wear hipster glasses and unleash your unconventional self.

Wear what suits your style

Do you spend most of your time outdoors? If yes, then you should consider photochromic lenses that turn dark when exposed to the sunlight. If you live an adventurous life, wear wraparound glasses so you don’t lose them.

Don’t choose bold styles if you have a modest or shy personality. Be true to your style and let it reflect in your glasses as well.

Sticking to a single frame is boring. Make sure you have at least 3 or 4 of them so you could change your style every other day. Order glasses online to save money and buy multiple pairs at affordable costs.


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