How To Check If You Are Buying Legit Sneakers?

You can find many people taking a huge interest in sneakers for many reasons. People usually become interested in sneakers because they like how it appears on them or simply have the passion for collecting rare and unique sneakers that most people do not have. If you plan on becoming a sneaker enthusiast, make sure the ones you are buying are not fake.  You should have no problems buying authentic sneakers such as blue air force 1 anymore since you already have an idea of choosing the perfect pair.


You can find many first-timers getting swindled with their first pair of expensive and rare sneakers because they had no clue that it was fake. That is why you have to learn the basics when it comes to proof checking whether the pair you have is authentic or not. You can find several tips from expert sneakerheads that will guide you in determining the real ones from the fakes. 

Tip #1: Always double check who you are buying from

In some cases, you might have a friend that will be selling you a pair of sneakers for a good deal, so you try to check it and see if what they have is real. Usually, they will try to convince you that everything about it is real and worn only a few times by owners. You should not be convinced right away without doing some checking on your own, and one of these is knowing the seller’s background. 

Whether you are buying sneakers from a person or a business, it is always a must that you check if they have a good reputation for providing high-quality, authentic sneakers to buyers. If you hear more negative reviews about them, it might be best to step away and find another reliable seller. You can find many businesses that have been in the shoe industry for a while, selling authentic and rare sneakers to the public. 

Tip #2: Check the tags and packaging all the time

Experienced sneakerheads can quickly tell if a person is selling them fake sneakers by the way it is packaged. Most of the time, they will start by checking the box and see if there are issues that will give it away as fake. Besides the box, they will also try to check the retail tags, fonts, CPU codes, and other features that they can search on the internet. 

The internet is the best place to check the box they are selling to prevent you from buying fake sneakers. You should know that big shoe manufacturing companies will never send out low-quality packaging because it can damage their reputation significantly. The better you can determine the packaging, the fewer chances you have of wasting your money. 

Tip #3: Determine the shoe smell

As weird as it might sound, the smell of the shoe can be a dead giveaway if you have original or fake sneakers with you. Every fake sneaker will always have a specific pungent and toxic smell once you open the box for the first time. Replica sneakers are usually made from cheaper, low-quality materials, which is why it gives off the toxic smell. 

Whether you are buying from a business or a person, you should avoid shoes with a harmful or toxic smell emanating from them. There is a big chance that it is fake or the person who sold it never took care of it properly, and you will never know if it has bacteria that can give you health complications.

You should have no problems buying authentic sneakers anymore since you already have an idea of choosing the perfect pair. 


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