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How to Choose the Right Pillows for Your Guests

Are you welcoming family to your new short-term rental? Pillows are key supplies for every bedroom. They support the head, neck, back, and joints during sleep. You can choose from various types and can leverage wholesale pillows to save money.

Your guests may use pillows differently. Some place them below the neck, under the knees, or between the legs. Here’s how to choose suitable pillows for your guests:

Consider Compliance Requirements

Before you purchase pillows for your guests, you should consider the compliance requirements and standards. Pillow manufacturers are required to comply with the relevant bedding and pillow regulations. The U.S. has specific rules for pillows and bedding. Popular CPSC regulations include the Uniform Law Label, Flame Retardant Materials (AB 2998), Textile Labeling, ASTM Standards, and CPSIA Testing.

There are standards for infant and children bedding, along with general compliance requirements. You don’t need to review all standards and compliance requirements. You should choose legitimate brands that meet set standards. Purchase safe and approved pillows for your guests.

Purchase Various Types of Pillows

Pillows are made from different materials and come in unique designs to fit specific needs. Some people sleep on their side, while others prefer sleeping on their back or stomach. Each position has special needs, so the same pillow won’t work for everyone. A back sleeper will need medium loft and firmness that conforms to the body. Side sleepers enjoy more comfort and support from a high loft and firm support with fluffy shapeable pillows.

Stomach sleepers need low loft with soft support and compressible fill. Needs and wants vary from guest to guest, so nothing is absolute. When choosing pillows, you should purchase various options to cover the different needs of your guests. If you run a hotel or rental facility, you can create a pillow menu and track what guests request most. Tracking such data can result in easy and accurate restocking. Here’s what to keep in mind when seeking variety:

  • Pillow Loft: Refers to the compressed height when your head rests on the pillow. The loft can be low, medium, or high.
  • Pillow Firmness: Pillows vary in firmness depending on the material used. You should purchase firm, medium-firm, and soft options.
  • Mattress Firmness: Your mattresses can determine the ideal pillow choice. If you have softer mattresses, choose lower pillows.
  • Sleep Positions: People sleep on their backs, stomachs, or sides. Purchase pillows to cover all three categories of your guests.
  • Weight & Shoulder Width: People with broader shoulders need higher pillows, while heavier guests will sink further into the Original Mattress and need lower pillows.
  • Pillow Material: You can choose from various natural and synthetic options. Compare the pros and drawbacks of each material and feature both categories for different preferences.

Prioritize Quality and Durability

Quality is a key aspect to consider when buying pillows for your guests. Premium quality pillows are safe and made of durable materials. The pillow should maintain proper alignment for your sleeping position to protect you from tension and soreness. Each pillow you purchase should have a finished product’s appeal with quality construction, exceptional functionality, and repeated-use longevity.

The best pillows are functional, aesthetic, and durable. Some brands are cheaper but have a shorter lifespan. You should review the brand reputation and testimonials from past customers. Choose pillows with admirable quality and longevity. Review the fill power, fill quality, and cover fabric. Buy pillows your guests can use for several months before they need a replacement. Some brands can retain their quality for a couple of years.

Consider Comfort, Safety, and Ethical Responsibility

Consider comfort, safety, and ethical responsibility if you run a small hotel. Make sure your pillows offer cooling qualities and breathability. Hot sleepers can benefit from using pillows with enhanced cooling features. Choose breathable pillow materials that don’t hold on to the heat.

Social responsibility is about aligning your products with your brand image and values. If you care about where the pillows are sourced and whether the sourcing is ethical, do your research. Choose brands with certifications for ethically sourced materials. Your priority is to make sure all guests are covered and find a safe, comfortable, and reliable pillow for a good night’s sleep.

Quality Wholesale Pillows for Your Guests

Safety, comfort, and quality are the top priorities when you’re looking for pillows for guests. Make sure you get a variety of options for your guests. The best pillows last for one to two years and you’ll need to restock regularly. Make sure you record how the pillows are used to determine your guests’ preferred options.

You can save more by purchasing the most requested options. Once you know what you need, find reputable companies with wholesale pillows and discounts. High-quality brands offer premium quality covers for uniformity and branding. The best distributors provide quality guarantees. You can test the pillows to see if they suit your needs.


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