How to Elevate Your Next Virtual Capital Event

The fickle nature of the pandemic could mean your next in-person event will revert to the digital space. Is your PowerPoint ready?

Three years and six waves into this pandemic, and many corporations are rethinking the need to gather under one roof. Others are doing so out of necessity, as someone on their team tests positive for COVID-19.

This transition from physical to online event spaces can be challenging, especially if you struggle with making dynamic digital presentations. But with the right software and presentation designers on your side, you can breathe life into static virtual events. Here’s how:

Fully Customized & Branded Templates

When you’re worrying about the many moving parts of a virtual capital event, some things get overlooked. Consistent branding is one of those things, yet it can negatively impact your presentation and guest experience.

Is slide design not part of your wheelhouse? Don’t worry — you can find a PowerPoint presentation service willing to help. You can shop around for a design firm that custom-builds personalized and branded templates for your next capital event, roundtable, or thought leadership conference.

Content That Emphasizes Storytelling

Any capital event is an opportunity to weave the next chapter of your brand’s future into your company’s overarching story.

With this in mind, it’s best to think of your presentation as having a beginning, middle, and end. It should flow with purpose from start to finish and, most importantly, fit into your brand’s overall narrative.

Presentation designers can help with this big task. First, they’ll storyboard your presentation to ensure each slide has a key message that slots into the bigger picture. Next, they’ll have experienced copywriters who can refine your presentation.

An experienced presentation firm understands it’s better to say more with less. Your text should be flawless, concise, and impactful, with visuals to back it up.

Motion Graphics and Video Elements

Most people expect static images and text when they settle in for a virtual event. You can blow past these expectations by adding 2D and 3D illustrations or animations.

Depending on your event, any of the following might elevate your digital presentation:

  • Demos: Perfect for those events where you have to showcase how a product or service works, a demo video gives your audience something to watch as they listen.
  • Explainer Videos: Need an elevator pitch for your brand, a new product, or an idea? These explainer videos are 10x more engaging than traditional text-only supported presentations, and they do it in two minutes or less.
  • Video Infographics: Static infographics strip complicated content down to its bare essentials, sharing pertinent information in a simple and visually appealing format. Video infographics rely on motion graphics to share industry stats and raw data in more compelling ways. The result? People are more likely to retain 65% of the information three days later, as opposed to just 10% if there’s no visual.

The Takeaway:

A virtual event is not an oddity in 2022, so reverting to a digital meeting space won’t surprise your audience.

However, an audience in front of their computer screens will have an up close and personal view of your slide decks. They’ll notice inconsistencies and other design errors easier than if they were 20 rows back from a screen at an in-person conference. Make sure your presentation is ready for its time in the spotlight.


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