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How to Find Your Dream Home

We all have a clear image in our minds of where we eventually want to live.  For some, it’s in a condo in the sky; for others, it’s a simple one-level home out in the country. But, unfortunately, trying to find this dream home, in reality, can be a lot harder than we want.

These are the top tips to follow if you want to find your dream home!

Consider Your Budget

How much can you afford?  Although we all would love to have a large home that fits everything we own, and everything we want to own, and even suits our style: money can come in the way. 

Look at how much you make every month, and divide that by four.  Try not to look at any properties whose house payments are above that threshold.  You may think that you can afford more or push it further, but when you buy a home, your payments aren’t just for the house.  You’ll also have to cover homeowner’s insurance, property taxes, the HOA, and other charges that add up.

Build A List of Needs and Wants

What things do you want in a home, and what things do you need and can’t live without?  Make a list of these two items so that you can look at houses with a clear view of what you’re looking for. 

Your needs are things that would be deal-breakers. For example, this could mean that you need at least three bathrooms because you have two teens and a spouse and can’t deal with the morning rush of everyone needing a bathroom to get ready at the same time.

Your wants should be things that you want, but you could live without or workaround.  This could mean that you want a Victorian home, but you’ll settle for a midcentury modern if you can find one that’s affordable enough and has all of your needs inside of it.

Consider If Location is Flexible

If your budget is tight, and you’re not sure you can afford the home of your dreams, and your needs are strict: then you might have to consider spreading out your search beyond your city.

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Are you willing to move your family for the right home?  Would you be willing to relocate everything?  Sometimes those living in more metropolitan areas don’t realize what affordable gems are out there beyond city limits.

If moving is an option for you: look into every possibility that you can.

Realize Things Can Be Changed

If you find a property that’s extremely close to your wants and needs, but it’s slightly outdated or missing a couple of items you want, consider if these are things that can be corrected later on.  One of the most important steps to buy a house is evaluating how much you can take on when it comes to updates.

If your home needs a couple of changes, and you can afford to make them: go for it!  Sometimes the best home is the one you get to put your personal touches on.  If that’s the case, don’t be afraid to make that leap.

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