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How to get ready for wild boar hunting?

Are you an aspiring boar hunter looking for some fun? Then keep reading this article to discover how you can get ready for a nice hunting session with a good catch.  

You can hunt wild boars or hogs on private property or on public land. Of course, it’s ideal to do so only if you have a permit.  

Most ranchers and farmers will be happy to give you hunting privileges on their property for a few days, especially if the hog population is wreaking havoc on their livelihood. Then, there’s the option of hunting on public property to help with conservation efforts. 

So, get your hunting attire and your bulk 9mm ammo ready! And read the seven tips below to get yourself ready before you go boar hunting for the first time.  

Hunting at night 

The first thing you need to know is that wild boars are intelligent creatures that have become nocturnal in some areas. It’s an adaptation to heavy hunting during the day.  

In US states, where it’s allowed to do so, try hunting at night, you may have more luck.  

Keep in mind that hunting at night also means you need proper equipment and illumination.  

Understanding boars 

You have to know that boars are difficult to hunt. They’re described as territorial, aggressive and mean. Adult male hogs can weigh upwards of 300 pounds. And they can run up to 25-30 miles per hour.  

Don’t forget their large and sharp tusks! It’s definitely not the description of an animal you’d want to fight with your bare hands.  

Hogs can carry a number of diseases people can contract. One of the most common is swine brucellosis. You can get it when you handle the animal carcass, so be careful when touching hog blood.  


Tracking is an essential part of a successful boar-hunting expedition. Hogs are always moving, and they never stay in one area for too long. That’s why you have to track them. Look for the following: 

  • Dug-up roots, worms, grubs and earth 
  • Hog tracks (similar to deer tracks, but bigger) 
  • Boar feces and urine, especially near wallows 
  • Mud rubs on tree bark (hogs rub their bodies up against trees). 

Luring the animal 

Make your hunting session easier by using calls or feeders. Calls are helpful in luring males or females by imitating a female’s call or a piglet’s call, respectively.  

Feeders (with corn, pecans, nuts) are useful for luring boars in a certain area.  

You can set up a blind nearby, within shooting range, and when the animal comes to eat or gets close because of your call, you can take your shot.  

You also have to know where to find large hog populations. In some states, boars have become a nuisance, but they can be found in almost every US state.  

Texas is known as the state with the highest hog populations, around 3 million of them. California, Mississippi and Florida are other good examples.  

If you have the option, try hunting in one of the states with a high boar population. It will be easier to find an animal and you would be contributing towards keeping boar populations at bay.  

Mastering the fatal shot 

Once you get within shooting range, take your shot! But do your homework and learn where to shoot first. When you hunt any animal, you have to know where to apply the fatal shot.  

Big game animals can become ferocious and dangerous, especially when hurt.  

If hunting is new to you, learn a boar’s weak spots. The lungs and the heart are your best opportunity at a clean kill. Its heart is low in the chest, sitting in line with the elbow. Its lungs are above, sitting behind the shoulder.  

Using enough ammunition 

In order to make that fatal shot count, you have to consider the ammunition you’re using. Boars have specifically thick skin and strong bones. So weaker bullets won’t be enough to down them.  

Arm yourself with enough ammunition and the right weapon. Semiautomatic center rifles of 0.30 caliber, handguns with .357 or larger ammo and semi-automatic shotguns of 12-20 gauge are a good bet.  

Generally, you need large hard-cast lead or solid copper bullets to penetrate a boar’s skin.  

Or you can use a compound bow with a heavy draw. You can shoot it from as far as 30 yards. But your aim has to be spotless and your arrow sharp to get the boar.  

Hunting techniques 

When hunting boars, there are three main hunting techniques you need to know about. Hunters usually get their kill with all three, so the one you choose depends on where you hunt. Let’s see what these techniques are: 

  • Spot and stalk – Stalking is a common hunting technique when tracking because boars don’t have good eyesight. Hunters use binoculars to find the animal and then they slowly come closer to the boar by moving quietly to get a shot.  
  • Stand hunting – You use this technique along with calling or feeding. You stay in a blind or in a tree, and you wait for the animal to come closer to you. Then, you take the shot.  
  • Dog hunting – Dogs can be trained to hunt boars, just like they’re used to hunting foxes, squirrels or raccoons. But you have to be careful when using this method. Boars tend to be aggressive towards dogs, especially when they feel threatened by them, which would be the case.  

Keep in mind boars are easily angered, and they can come running towards you in a heartbeat. That’s why you should look for a spot high enough, where they can’t get to you. Blinds are a great option for hiding.  

If you prefer hunting without one, calculate your escape route as you move along. Keep in mind high rock areas, trees or clear paths out of the area, where you can easily climb to escape.  


Boar hunting is a dangerous activity. Mainly because boars are aggressive and territorial. By keeping these tips in mind, you’ll be closer to catching your first hog.  

Wild boar hunting can be an exciting adventure. You just have to remember to bring the right weapons and equipment with you.  

Arm yourself with a lot of patience, and your first kill will come soon enough.

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