How To Get Virtual Phone Number For SMS in 2022

Local Numbers are a geographic type of numbers, meaning that they are associated with a specific country or area. For example, a phone number in the Philippines will have an area code +63, but a United Kingdom local number will have an area code +44, this applies to all countries in the world.

With SMS-man you can purchase a local business number with any area code, regardless of your location, simply because SMS-man website all numbers are cloud-based and aren’t associated with any fixed landlines. So, if you run a business from the United States, but want to sell to customers in UK or Philippines, a virtual phone number with UK or Philippines prefix would make more sense to the potential local customers. For example, you can create account in eBay or Amazon to start your business, and if you will have a local area number will create the impression that your business is based locally, which always appeals positively to local customers.

The best part of using virtual number at SMS-man is that you can be based anywhere in the world and still sell products across the UK by using a virtual number with UK prefix and receive unlimited SMS for any website or applications, like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, eBay, Amazon and others.

What is VoIP phone number for SMS verification?

Virtual number to bypass OTP is a phone number through which a person can receive text without personal cell number and SIM-cards. Virtual phone numbers are commonly used to make fake accounts in social media, messengers, apps or websites that request phone number to verify identity.

Website to receive SMS online is a way for customers to receive verification codes via SMS on virtual numbers for any websites and applications.

What are the benefits of virtual numbers?

Using virtual cell number brings several valuable capabilities to you:

Convenience. Perhaps the most obvious benefit of virtual number is that you won’t have to search for a new phone number to create second account for any social networks or messengers, like WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram. This saves your time and potential annoyance of finding a new SIM to verify identity.

Spam messages and annoying SMS. Alerts coming in daily. Which say about unique offers and all sorts of bonuses. Every website or online store where you’ve at least once left your personal cell number continues to use it for promotional purposes. Also, it may resell such data. A virtual number will allow you to ignore such moments.

How to get a phone number for SMS verification?

Using the website SMS-man, you сan get a virtual phone number for SMS verification. The price of a phone number for SMS starts at $0.10. And for the most part depends on the country number and service. In any case, each user of the service can find exactly what he needs, because SMS-man offers more than 350 countries and 1000 different services to bypass OTP.

Website to bypass OTP SMS-man is on the market for several years. During its existence, it has always had the perfect reputation and a lot of positive feedback from their customers.


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