How To Launch Your App Or Game In Germany

The gaming industry is one of the most lucrative markets in the world. It is popular among all ages of people, no matter if they are young or old. It possesses a large business opportunity for game app developers who want to expand their gaming business across the borders. For tapping into any market, you must go for video gaming translation services.  This is just like shopping. As people opt to buy products and services in a language that they understand. In the same way, people download games that are in the language that they understand. For instance, if you want to release your game in Korea, then you must go for Korean translation services.

For launching or realizing the game for the foreign market, you must know the worth of the gaming industry in that market. Do you know that Germany is the country with the second-highest smartphone penetration? Therefore, it will be a rational decision of yours to target the German gaming market.  For this, you have to translate your games into the German language. If you go for professional German translation services for your app or game then you will also be able to cater to the other German markets like Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, and Austria.

The German Gaming Market

Do you know that the German gaming market is the fifth-largest market in the world and the largest in Europe? Moreover, it is consistently growing. The reason for immense growth in online services and in-game purchases.

You will be surprised to know that 34 million Germans play video and computer games. 36% of them play regularly and 42% play occasionally. The average German gamer is 37.5 years old. The most common platform for games in Germany is mobile devices, and mobile developers reap revenue from in-game purchases. Approximately 48% of gamers like to play games on PCs and consoles. Out of this number, 42% play games on PC, and 10% play games on consoles.

Adopting the German Language Style

The language style followed in every region is different. For the German target market, you must understand the type of app or game and then decide whether you need to go for formal or informal German style. Do you know that the formal German style is more polite? People can feel conservative, and they might get confused because of this style. On the other hand, informal German is more personal, and it evolves with cultural changes. You can use informal German for app and game titles, however for business apps, you must use a formal tone.

Consider Graphics, Fonts, and User Interface

When writing for the German target market, try to be specific and use short words and phrases. Depending upon the text, the German language can result in long sentences and long words. For this, you must be very careful in shortening the length of the string, as it can distort the message.

Font Types

There are no specifications for German font. You can select it if it resonates with your game, app, or target audience.  The selected font should support German special characters which are the letters with the umlaut such as Ä, ä, Ö, ö, Ü, and ü. You can write these letters as Ae, ae, Oe, oe, Ue, and ue. This writing style demands attention to detail, so it is better to avoid them.

Resonating with Cultural and Local Nuances

The culture of Germany is influenced by the pop culture of Japan, Russia, and the US. Moreover, it is also influenced by traditional European neighbors.  No doubt, that they are liberal towards different themes and topics, but they don’t tolerate blood and weapons shown in games.  Do you know that gambling is regulated in Germany and people gamble it in state-owned casinos?  As far as games are concerned, only luck-based games that feel like gambling are acceptable without the involvement of money in it.

Privacy and Personal Data Security

German people are very concerned about their data and privacy. For this, your game and app must comply with General Data Protection Regulation GDPR rules and regulations. To ensure privacy and personal data you should hire a professional translation agency because they employ translators that have prior experience in video game translation services.

Use an Acquisition Strategy

Apart from German translation services, to capture the German market, you must promote video games at Gamescom. It is one of the annual events of its kind that attract more than 370,000 gamers from around the world. Moreover, social media and YouTube usage in Germany is also very high. Therefore, many games and app developers use these digital platforms to capture the German gaming market.

Wrapping Up

German people are under the influence of other cultures and the market of video games and apps is no exception to it. The gaming translation services are essential for game users so that they can download the games and experience that games are developed for them.  The German language offers two complementary approaches, formal and informal.  Apart from business-orientated apps, you can use informal German. One thing that you should keep in mind while going for German translation services is that you should avoid the shortening of words as it can alter the meaning. Try to select the format that can support umlauts.


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