How To Look After Water Wave Hair

Many people who use different wigs always want to know how to wash, care and make them durable. Everything needs care and proper maintenance. The water wave hair wig is also 100% virgin hair; it needs as much care as your natural hair. 

If you lose interest in caring for your water wave hair wig, it will result in hair breakage, frizz and tangle. As a result, you will need another wig that is costly and consumes time. In this blog, you will know how to take care of your water wave hair wig to make it long-lasting and get a gorgeous look. It will significantly help you if you genuinely need to know how to wash it and maintain the wig durability.


It is essential to clean your hair wig properly. If you wear it daily, then it requires cleanliness at least after two to three days of use. The reason is, as it becomes dirty with the passing of days, the hair becomes tangled. Wash your hair wig in lukewarm water, but avoid rubbing and hard hand washing. Avoid blow dryer; instead, keep it in shadow place and let it dry. Moreover, it is essential never to expose your wig to string sunlight.


Your water wave hair wig will lose its moisture and shine as time passes. As a result, the hair began to break, and the volume became thin. To avoid the hassle, you should keep your wig moisture all the time. The best moisturizers which can use include Shea butter oil, argan or coconut oil. Do not use finishers or hair spray on water wave hair wigs because they trap in the wig while washing.

Night Routine:

When you go for bed, then wrap it into a silk-like scarf. If you use any other stuff to cover, it leads to abrasiveness. To avoid this, you should apply moisture to your hair; it will also prevent them from tangling. When you put off your wig, it is essential to keep a particular place.


Before using and washing, it is compulsory to detangle your water wave wig. For this purpose, you can use your finger-comb or broad toothbrush. Avoid little combing; it causes breakage of hair.

Things to Do and not:


Always make sure the use of heat protectant while refreshing the waves.

Avoid hot water while washing your Water wave hair wig.

Use good styling tools, mainly designed for this type of hair wig. Otherwise, the wig will become prone to damage.

Do not:

Avoid washing your water wave wig daily

Avoid heat or sunlight drying, as it alters the colour instantly

Final Words:

If you take care of your hair wig, whether it is a water wave wig or any other, it will go for a longer time. However, follow the above detail to do proper care of hair wig. If you want to know anything or any product related to wig washing, you can ask freely.


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