How to Make the Most Out of Emails According to Bitrix24 Reviews

Email is here to stay because of the many benefits it offers to users. The communication channel is quick, accessible, and saves a lot of time that would otherwise have to spend going back and forth on the phone or in person. The only drawback of using email is that it is often misused or overused. Unnecessary emails waste a lot of time and can reduce the productivity of employees. According to Bitrix24 review, the software is useful for creating and sustaining email communication.

There are a few rules companies can follow to enjoy all the benefits of email without overdoing it. This article outlines how Bitrix24 features can help users improve their email output and use it to benefit their company

Use Filters

Not every email is worth a response and some do not even deserve to be read. These are the type of spam advertisements that flood inboxes. However, users have to spend their time reading the subject, clicking, and then manually deleting them. With the help of strict filters, they can program their inbox to only show them the important conversations and messages. Bitrix24 software can help set up these filters to make sure only the most important items make it to the inbox.

It makes sure messages from clients, vendors, financial institutions, and other authorities are always visible to the recipient. The other emails such as promotions and offers are sent to appropriate folders. There are some emails that are hard to avoid especially if you have subscribed to them but marking them as spam can help filter them out. 

Cut Down the Influx

It only takes a minute to unsubscribe to a newsletter or a business but that can help clear a lot of clutter from the inbox. Bitrix24 reviews mention the tool that makes it easier to sort through junk mail. It can go through the inbox for you and act as a digital assistant for organizing your inbox. The result is there are fewer notifications from social media applications because you will be receiving those notifications through the app too.

The software helps cut down the clutter with the help of an artificial intelligence tool that makes decisions based on the subject and how often the email from the sender was clicked on in the past. 

Organize Your Inbox

Some users prefer using their complicated labeling system, subfolders, and categorization methods to sort their mail. Whereas others like them are sorted into a few basic groups such as Received, Sent, and Archived. No matter what sort of user you are, Bitrix24 features can help simplify your life. It helps figure out which email goes where and has the ability to handle complex organizational structures too.

Navigating email and keeping up with correspondence is a cumbersome task but a great work project management software can make it easier. There are specific organization templates that new users can implement to make their life easier. Reading and responding to emails becomes a lot easier when you are using a system that you understand.

Send Fewer Emails

One guaranteed way to get fewer emails is to reduce the number of sent emails. There is no need to send one word replies, thank you messages or acknowledgements because it might send the message that you are open to receiving more messages. Take some time to note which senders are continuously sending new emails and find a polite way to let them know you are not interested in receiving similar messages.

Bitrix24 reviews mention how the software helps draft new emails and automate responses to others so that the sender does not have to do any of the heavy lifting. If the messages do not work then you can always count on the filters to do their job.

Keep the Inbox Under Control

Some people prefer their inboxes to be completely bare and do not keep any messages. Others use their inbox to store important information, files and correspondence for easy access. Every user should have a system and delete old messages that are no longer applicable, necessary or the conversations have been concluded. 

From Bitrix24 reviews we can see there is a search option available but sometimes it might not work because of different spellings or no longer remembering the subject line. It takes time to clean an inbox but there are many tools that can help make the process much easier. 

Basic Sorting Rules

There are some basic rules that every user can follow to sort their inbox and organize their email. With the help of Bitrix24 software they can enforce these rules and bring some structure to their online correspondence. 

The first rule is to respond to emails that will only take a few minutes to respond right away. This promotes quick communication, streamlines workflows and helps users keep their inbox less cluttered. Another effective advice to only check email a few times every day when you can give the task your undivided attention. Most emails are not time-sensitive and if they are, the sender will call you to ask for a quick response. If you maintain the habit of sending out emails at specific times then people will get used to expecting a reply at that time.

It is important to choose a subject line that is short and to-the-point. It should inform the recipient of the main question so they know what priority level to assign to it. It also prevents important emails from being ignored or forgotten. 

The Bottom Line

Email is the preferred mode of communication for many people but it should not be ruling over your life. As it is evident from Bitrix24 reviews, it is one of the tools that can help make the task of sending, answering and sorting emails much easier. It has other features that help companies design email marketing campaigns that are supposed to help businesses reach a wider audience and improve their brand image.

With some time and effort, anyone can make the most of out email and enjoy using it for correspondence.

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