How to make your relationship more exciting

Every relationship is like a knife that needs sharpening all the time. If you let your relationship fallow, it will lose its luster and color. Here to assist you are tips to help you infuse more excitement in your relationship

Value alone time

This may sound counterproductive but every relationship that lacks personal space soon hits the rocks. If excitement is missing, it may be because you and your partner are too inseparable. 

You don’t have to see each other every chance you get. Doing this uses up the excitement. Soon there will be nothing to look forward to. 

Seek and foster small things

Focusing on big things can make you lose sight of the small things. And didn’t they say the small things make up the big ones? Create seemingly insignificant moments like shopping and taking unplanned walks in the park to enjoy nature. When you are apart, it is these moments that create excitement. You don’t need to have a schedule for these moments, just recognize the moments they will happen and let them. 

Make out, in the most unusual places

Everyone has fantasies. Let your partner know which one you have, right at the place where you want to experiment with them. If you can, consider making out at a movie while sitting at the back. Spend some time in the car, kissing and touching after teasing each other at the movies. Be daring. Limit moments like this to a few times a week, nothing planned. You don’t want to lose the flair for novelty in the long run. 

Make love—try something new while at it

First, don’t let the talk about sex be a taboo. Be open about your sexual preferences and expectations. Next, initiate sex and let your inhibitions go. Talking about inhibitions, how about incorporating sex toys into love making? If you wish to add more excitement to your relationship then you should follow the holy grail of cum guide.

Go out with other friends

Do not keep your activities within the confine of your relationship alone. Partners can lose their allure after a while if there’s nothing new to know about them.  Going out with others can help you discover new sides to your partner’s personality. From conversations with others you can hear your partner drop information about themselves that you will find exciting and explorable. For example, you may come to find out that your partner of three years used to paint long before you met them. It is an opportunity to hear them talk about the arts, why they stopped and even see them pick the hobby up again. 

Do spontaneous favors

There’s more happiness in giving than there is in receiving, once said a wise partner. Create excitement by doing favors for each other. Clean your partner’s place before they get back from work, cook, and get groceries. Or help them get up on gas. 


Infusing excitement into your relationship takes effort. And like they say, it takes two to tango. Make it a team work, make open communication a thing. If you follow these tips, you’ll see the excitement come back into your relationship. 


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