How to Migrate from Shopify to Shift4Shop

Many companies use the most common way of choosing a platform as their enterprise. Nowadays it is easy to set up an e-commerce website, but if you start with an unacceptable e-commerce platform, it will soon hurt your business. The easiest way to set up an online shop is to use an e-commerce platform. Cloud-based Shift4Shop (formerly 3dCart) offers many e-commerce solutions for businesses of all sizes (migrate to shopify). It includes all the expected features of an online shop, as well as a number of noteworthy tools.

Founded in 1997, Shify4shop offers e-commerce software with a focus on SEO. Back in 2020, Shift4 acquired 3DCart and decided to make the platform 100% free when using Shift4 as the main payment processor. If you are passionate about search engine optimization, Shift4shop will be the best choice for you.

The platform’s SEO tools, for example, are some of the best. This is important for those who plan to attract traffic using conventional search, as it will help you boost your search engine rankings. On top of that, the email marketing and social media tools are excellent. If necessary, take advantage of the POS system and enjoy all that the platform has to offer.

The price of Shift4Shop starts at just $29, which is one of the lowest for an e-commerce platform. The platform is designed to create online shops that give you an edge in terms of SEO.

Shift4Shop Pros: very competitive price, great SEO tools, great editor for mobile devices. Shift4Shop Minuses: Average shop templates, customer support could be better, usability of the platform is not impressive.

3DCart helps you by providing you with a management body that has parameters such as stock management, trading, shipping, inventory details, and covered sales. 3DCart’s premium plans are divided into four categories of plans. With each upgrade plan you get more and more services. Also, the most expensive premium plan may not be available to all owners. To cope with this situation, 3DCart also offers several balanced solutions.

Shift4Shop vs Shopify – Price Overview

Both platforms have similar four-week plans in terms of pricing. But Shift4Shop stands out in certain respects, forcing us to lean on their side. As mentioned earlier in the article, both platforms have a startup shop plan for which you have to pay a total of $19 for four weeks. The shop launch plan doesn’t have all the benefits that the platform has to offer, but it does have all the basic services needed to launch a website (shopify development services). Both platforms also support advanced features limited to the basic ones in this plan.


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