How to Organise Your Home: Helping Hacks.

They say a tidy home means a tidy mind. If your house is overrun with clutter, it may be difficult to find the best way to start getting your home organised. Over time, we accumulate various objects and items that we can’t bear to part with, which eventually leads to our house becoming packed full of things that no longer serve any purpose to us. We live in a climate in which the cost of living is so expensive, and sometimes the answer isn’t to simply put everything in the trash or give it away, but to look for better ways to structure your home and work on your organisational skills.

Organising your home is beneficial for many reasons. It enables you to be more productive, be happier and has proven health benefits. Better organisation allows you to clean thoroughly, which removes the build-up on dust, germs and other bacteria. Additionally, an organised home environment increases the desirability of your home if it’s on the property market. So, if you’re wondering “how can I sell my house fast?”, maybe organisation is something to look in. Here We Buy Any House have compiled our top organisation hacks and tips.

Kitchen Organisation Hacks and Tips:

  • Do a Deep Clean: Before you organise to make your life easier, do a deep clean and give everything a good wipe down. You’ll be surprised how better everything looks if you give it a deep clean.
  • Define Your Zones: Assess which area is for what. Separate your kitchen into zones (e.g., zone 1 is cooking, zone 2 is coffee and bar etc.). Write down what is going to go in each area and then organise your kitchen accordingly.
  • Positioning: Keep everyday items at eye level, and things that aren’t used as often higher up, and keep clutter of kitchen worktops.
  • Get Creative: Install organisation features such as a hanging rack for pots, a spice rack that you can alphabetise, and draw dividers to keep everything organised and in place.

Bathroom Organisation Hacks and Tips:

  • Cabinet Doors: Make the most of bathroom cabinets to help you organise your bathroom products better and keep them out of sight.
  • Draw Dividers: Bathrooms can often become cluttered, especially when you have lots of little bathroom items lying about. Use acrylic draw dividers to store smaller items such as razors, toothpaste and small tubes of products.
  • Caddy: Having a bathroom caddy for each member of the family is a great idea as it allows them to keep their belongings separate and be responsible for tidying them and keeping them clean.
  • Décor: Incorporate stylish items like an over-the-door-shelf, a woven basket for towels and matching soap dispensers to make your bathroom look organised and chic.

Living Room Hacks and Tips:

  • Function: Think about the function of the room and choose a center piece which the rest of the furniture is going to surround- perhaps a TV or coffee table.
  • Tray: Keep miscellaneous items such as TV remotes or glasses on a tray or in a wicker basket for neatness purposes.
  • Coffee Table: You might want to invest in a coffee table that also functions as a storage space is a great hack for hiding items that you don’t want visible in the living room.
  • Add Baskets: Baskets are an effective way to store throws and blankets without making the room look messy.

Garden Shed Hacks and Tips:

  • Shelving: Consider adding floor to ceiling shelving for convenience purposes. Organise it from what tools are used the most to least and keep dangerous tools at a low level to avoid injury.
  • Buckets: Add buckets to the room to store dirty tools in until you have cleaned them to avoid making the shed full of mud and grass.
  • Hooks: Installing hooks on the wall is a great way to hang smaller things such as hammers, pliers and other smaller tools is an effective way to keep everything within reach.
  • Use Your Doors: Hang hooks behind the doors to store gloves, raincoats and kneepads.
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