How To Perfect Academic Writing And Avoid The Major Mistakes

Academic writing often feels like a daunting task for various reasons. Many would say that you can’t express yourself freely enough. Yet, it is a crucial skill that proves to be helpful in multiple career paths. Writing essays, thesis, dissertations, research papers, and proposals is part of academic writing. Therefore, it becomes indispensable to hone this specific skill. If you seek to master the skill of academic writing, here are some points that will help you out:

The Writing Guidelines 

  • Use Formal Language 

Academic writing is all about using formal methods of writing. It can’t have a hint of casual writing. Nor can it be too ‘conversational.’ The objective of academic writing is to follow a specific pattern and get your point across. There’s no need for unnecessary sentences. 

  • Third Person Speech Is Preferable

The author’s objectivity is critical for academic writing. You can’t use first person or second person speech patterns in academic writing. It will reduce the authority and break the ‘formal’ tone that you have set up. Therefore, third-person speech is highly preferable in academic writing. 

  • Maintain Impeccable Grammar 

Mastering grammar is not an easy task, especially when it comes down to English. There is also the factor of ‘nativity.’ For instance, there are different words in Australian, Canadian, British and American English. However, in academic writing, the nativity isn’t as crucial as the use of grammar in other ways.

  • Avoid ending sentences with prepositions.
  • The casual words, or slags, won’t be used for academic writing. 
  • The use of brilliant vocabulary is always preferable. 
  • Understanding the use of punctuations (comma, dash, colon, semi-colon) plays a vital role.

  • Avoid Plagiarism

There’s no doubt that you might have to cite the sources. In some cases, you might even copy and paste some sentences, quotes, or structures. However, it would be better to avoid them, if possible. Rewording them in your original words is a better way. 

Try to understand and process the information before using it. It shows a better understanding of the subject. Furthermore, you can cite the sources separately. Often, one of the best essay writing service can assist you in avoiding plagiarism. 

  • Always Cite Your Sources 

This brings us to the fifth point: always cite your sources. In academic writing, it is critical to establish authority on the subject. For that, you will have to point out the research sources. It can be a book, person, website, or anything else. The primary objective here is to post and cite your sources. It is a great way to authenticate your academic writing. 

Mistakes To Avoid 

  • Complicated Sentence Formation

Try to use simple sentences and structure. In an attempt to sound more ‘formal’ and ‘intellectual’, people tend to try and use complex sentences. The easier it is for the readers to understand, the better it will be.  

  • The Use Of Complex Vocabulary

The same applies to the use of complex vocabulary. There’s no need to use fancy words for the sake of making the writing better. Try to stick to the terms that you understand. Using words out of context or in the wrong context can often cost you more. However, it is a good practice to expand your vocabulary consistently. 

  • Sounding Robotic Or Rigid 

Try to mix it up in the way you use sentences. There’s no need to stick to exact length or choppy sentences. The more you can mix it, the better it can be. Try not to sound too direct, or robotic. Often, it leads to a different impression. You could try checking out the best services for a help in this sector. 

  • Excessively Verbose Sentences 

As mentioned earlier, try to keep things to the point. Apart from not making this too complicated, try not to explain anything too much. The more you can put in a simple sentence, the better. Don’t try to elaborate on everything. Just get your statement or point across. There are sources to help you elaborate on the topic better. 

  • Active Vs Passive Voice 

People prefer using an active voice over a passive voice in academic writing. That is an acceptable practice, but it doesn’t mean that you should avoid passive. There’s nothing wrong with passive voice, and if needed, you should implement them.


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