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How to prevent data from disasters and breaches in the era of cloud computing

In March 2021, a serious fire broke out in the computer room of European cloud computing giant OVH in Strasbourg, France. The fire led to the burning of the five-story sbg2 data center covering an area of 500 square meters. This may directly affect the data of 15000 customers, and some customer data are completely lost and unrecoverable, including some data of the French government.

Accidents in cloud computing centers are usually the result of natural and man-made disasters.

Historically, Amazon, Samsung, and OVH, the largest cloud service and network hosting service operators in Europe, have all suffered major accidents, and even some accidents have caused irreparable serious consequences.

In July 2012, a large lightning storm on the east coast of the United States caused power cuts in the central states. An Amazon data center was suspended. This has paralyzed many US National apps such as Netflix, Instagram, Pinterest, and tinder.

In April 2014, a major fire broke out in Samsung’s computer room in Guochuan, a suburb of Seoul, South Korea. Samsung’s official website was temporarily paralyzed, and the services of some mobile phone users were also affected.

In the era of cloud computing, the cloud infrastructure of enterprises is 7 × 24-hour operation is becoming more and more important. The larger the company, the more users, the more serious the consequences of service interruption caused by downtime.

The protection of the data center can not be solved by cramming into it temporarily, but by forming a complete set of site selection, protection, disaster preparedness, and disaster recovery mechanisms. This mechanism is like building a dam in advance on a river that may burst. We should rely on mechanisms to reduce the phenomenon of flood fighting and rescue. Cloud manufacturers should ensure the location and construction of the data center and have strong disaster recovery and preparedness technical capabilities. There should be a set of a three-level protection mechanisms for power consumption in the data center. In addition to a normal power supply, there are diesel power generation and batteries, which can ensure an uninterrupted power supply throughout the year. To avoid the impact of rainstorms and floods, the server is usually placed above the second floor. 

Cloud-based backup

Cloud-based backup is just the process of storing emergency copies of all important data on cloud servers based on the global Internet. As many small enterprises migrate to the cloud to meet their network needs, the cloud-based backup model is becoming more and more popular. 

Cloud-based backup systems do offer some clear advantages. All operational data of the enterprise are naturally stored in different places and can be easily retrieved in case of data emergency and when. Cloud-based recovery systems can be fully automated, reduce user errors, and most contain easy-to-navigate file structures.

Cloud backup provides a cost-effective way to protect enterprise-critical business data. They automate day-to-day tasks and simplify data protection for large amounts of data. If configured correctly, cloud backup is not only a necessity but also an enterprise asset.

Choose a backup solution

Vinchin Backup & Recovery, the next-generation VM backup solution self-developed by Vinchin, supports the world’s most mainstream virtual environments including VMware, XenServer/XCP-ng, Hyper-V, RHV/oVirt, OpenStack, Sangfor HCI, Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager, and Huawei FusionCompute(Xen Based). It prevents the loss of critical business data due to human misoperation, viruses, attacks, hardware failures, natural disasters, wars, etc. 

Vinchin backup solutions have been successfully deployed and delivered in 60+ countries and are widely used in 20+ industries such as governments, telecommunications, health care, education, finance, IT services, manufacturs, military industry, etc. from SMBs to large-scale enterprises and state-owned enterprises. 

Vinchin commercial editions have unlocked a lot of advanced features like backup and restore of databases in both physical servers and virtual machines, offsite DR, cloud DR, cross-platform recovery, etc., free trial for 60 Days. And Vinchin just released Vinchin Backup & Recovery v6.5 with many new capabilities such as Multi-tenant Backup Solution for MSPs, Cross-Platform Recovery (V2V), Database Backup & Recovery, Backup Data Encryption & Backup Storage Protection, etc. For more information, you can visit Vinchin Official Website.

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