How to Protect Company Cars

Whether your company is transport centered or not, it is vital to protect its vehicles. Businesses can own a wide range of cars for different uses. For instance, you can have vehicles for employee transportation, such as vans and buses. Or a fleet of trucks for transporting raw materials and finished products.

Regardless of the uses, it is crucial to take care of company cars to increase their lifespan and protect the business’s professional image.

Neglecting a company’s cars can significantly lower their lifespan. Additionally, it can be relatively costly since replacing a vehicle is an expensive affair. So, it is crucial to invest some effort into protecting the company’s cars.

Regular Maintenance

Keeping your company car well-maintained is one of the easiest ways to protect it. Most people skip vehicle maintenance due to the expensive costs of fixing damages and replacing broken parts. Fortunately, purchasing a Ford extended warranty can give you peace of mind and ensure your car doesn’t skip a maintenance session.

Car maintenance is an essential step toward increasing its lifespan. Some of the most common vehicle maintenance practices include oil and coolant change, air filter cleaning and wheel alignment. Besides lengthening the vehicle’s lifespan, regular maintenance ensures it is safe for driving.

Install a Dashcam

As the name suggests, a dashcam is a small camera that you can install on a vehicle’s dashboard. These devices have become standard on company vehicles, especially those transporting goods.

A dashcam serves many purposes. For instance, it encourages safe driving. When drivers know they are being watched, they are less likely to misbehave, which is often the reason behind accidents. Additionally, it helps you verify an incident that occurred off your watch, ensuring you always keep a close eye on your company cars.

Invest in Trackers

If you own any vehicle, a tracker is one of the car safety technologies you have interacted with. GPS trackers provide a reliable way to protect your vehicle against unauthorized use. You can easily monitor the company’s car through the technology, getting information on its real-time location at any given time.

As an owner, being able to locate your company’s car at any given time is essential since you can prevent unapproved detours, which reduces the risk of theft.

Install Remote-Disable Tech

Remote disable systems are the simplest way to protect your vehicle from unauthorized use or operation. Even with the best drivers, there are many cases of car theft while on the road. Without a way to disable your vehicle remotely, it might be a little difficult to locate it in the event of theft.

You can combine remote-disable technology with other systems such as trackers and dashcams which make it relatively easier to identify a problem and fix it before it grows bigger. If your car is stolen, you can disable it remotely and check the tracker to view its real-time location, making recoveries easier.


Protecting the vehicles is the key to increasing their lifespan and safeguarding the company’s professional image. There are plenty of methods you can use to protect your company’s cars. These include regular maintenance and installation of technologies such as remote-disable, trackers and dash cameras. With these few tips, keeping your company’s car safe can be relatively easy.  


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