How To Reduce Wedding Planning Stress

Getting engaged is such a loving and happy time that the pivot towards knuckling down and planning the wedding can make some couples anxious. However, it’s important to remember what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, and this should help keep a sense of perspective. With some tips and tricks, we’ll help you keep your cool, so you can enjoy the process leading up to such a special day.


In wedding planning, as in all aspects of life, communication is key. As a wedding planner, you have so many things to communicate to so many parties, so it can be good to approach this like running a business. Delegate roles and responsibilities to different people, and make sure that there are clear channels of communication, so that you all feel supported and heard.

Communicating with vendors, especially in the initial stages can be tedious and time- consuming, so setting clear briefs and delegating to bridesmaids, groomsmen, or siblings can be a good way to narrow down your options.

When you do find the vendors you like most, take the time to read the contracts they send you, to clearly understand what services they are providing and what their terms are. This can help you better know what to expect.

When making your decisions about vendors, pay attention to their communication styles. Find a vendor that makes you feel at ease. If you feel stressed by someone who takes all week to answer an email, keep that in mind when you make your final decisions.

Affordable Decorations

If you’re using Instagram and Pinterest as tools to help plan your wedding, it can be difficult to not feel the urge to ‘level up’ and really push your budget to make your wedding as impressive as possible. However, you don’t need to splash lots of cash to make your day special. Wholesale stores, like Koch & Co stock a huge range of affordable decorations, with discounts for items bought in bulk.

If you are feeling stressed by what can seem like an infinite list of wedding decoration options, it can help to think about the functionality of decorations. For example, easels welcome guests and point them in the right direction. As such, they are an important feature that helps set the initial impression on the day. Keep in mind that if your easel is sitting on uneven ground, or if the day is a little windy, a sandbag should do the trick to help stabilise it. Place card holders are part of the process of welcoming and guiding guests, and can help give you peace of mind that everyone will have their place to eat and be merry.

In terms of gifting, money is the most popular way to give at weddings now, and as such, every wedding now has a wishing well. Styles vary from elegant and traditional birdcage designs to modern and striking mirror finish or acrylic boxes. Though your big day is shared only with loved ones, it can be a good idea to find a way of securing your wishing well, just to lay that fear to rest and help prevent any possible losses.

These days, there are as many wedding cake styles as there are cake artists, so a wedding cake can truly be any combination of sizes, shapes, and styles. A simple and stress-free way of elevating and celebrating your cake is to utilise a cake stand. Choose a cake stand that complements both your cake style and wedding theme, whether it’s a classic white cottage core or a modernistic stand.

Party backdrops, like wedding arches, are basically a blank slate for whatever kind of theme, material, and style of decoration you want. This freedom can be equal parts liberating and stressful, so if you have the budget for it, it’s good to delegate and trust the professionals. If your budget is more on a DIY scale, it can be good to make a design that can be prepared before the wedding, to avoid last-minute stress. Silk and preserved flowers are a great solution if you have the creative ability and the space to store your backdrop or arch, and then the ability to transport it to the venue on the day. Plinths and pedestals are a good way to make a portable and smaller-scale version of a wedding backdrop that can be more easily moved from ceremony to reception.

Some wedding decorations are less practical than those previously mentioned and instead are only present to help decorate your space and help create an atmosphere. Charger plates are large, decorative plates that go under your dinner plate. They are used in formal settings, and are an easy way to create a sense of occasion. You can buy charger plates in a number of finishes, from a smooth plate with a modernistic beaded edge to a textural boho rattan finish. Small details like these can tie together your theme in a simple and effective way. This is especially true if you can find a charger plate to match your cake stand. Confetti is another example of a wedding decoration that is more atmospheric in its function. A fun tradition that engages your guests and photographs well, confetti is available in tissue paper, as well as traditional metallic varieties. For your guest’s convenience, you can also place your confetti in paper cones and hand them out to your guests before the ceremony so they are ready to celebrate at the end. Please keep in mind that some venues don’t allow confetti, so be sure to check with venue management ahead of making your purchases.

Take Breaks


Setting boundaries is important for mental wellbeing when you’re planning a wedding. If you’re not careful, it can become a bit all-consuming, and take up any time you get to yourself.

Set up an email account that both you and your partner can access that is dedicated specifically to wedding planning. This can be a real stress reliever. When you’re taking quality downtime, having a separate email account helps to make it easier to switch off wedding-related thoughts. The same can be said for social media platforms. If you search for wedding-related content on a separate Instagram account, your own personal feed should be free of wedding content.

Set boundaries in conversations. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, let whoever

you’re catching up with know. They might be able to help you with the work you have

to tackle, or will help distract you and give you some relief.

Stay Organised

Do some research to figure out what all the big items are on your list. The biggest items usually include venue/s, catering, wardrobe, decorations (usually flowers), a celebrant, a photographer and/or videographer, and music. Get quotes and figure out how much you can expect to spend on each big item, and work your way through these. Your list of things to purchase or organise will continue to grow, but keep a sense of perspective about how important they are to you to help minimise stress.

Setting deadlines can be helpful to some, to help keep on track. One of the most important deadlines is getting invitations out early enough so that your guests can set aside time from work and other plans to attend. This is equally as important as getting RSVPs back from guests in time to let your vendors know the final numbers.

Don’t Worry About Small Details 

The more research you do, the more items you might find being added to your already substantial to-do list. These items could be trend-based, like an avant-garde fresh flower cake, or something on your wishlist, like a chandelier. With expensive items like these, it can be helpful to gauge how stressed these preferences make you feel vs. how you expect to feel if you do purchase or hire them and have them with you on the day. Will it make you happier to have the flower cake? Or would you be equally as happy to have a different cake on the day? Don’t feel obliged to stick with trends, and try to establish what you value most. Stick with your values to save money, and on the flip side, if you stick with your values, any extra expenses that push or break the budget will seem worth it.

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