How to Reward Employees for Their Hard Work


Do you want to hear some frightening statistics about how undervalued employees feel at their jobs?

Here are just a few that you should be aware of:

  • 34% of all American workers feel that their company isn’t utilizing their full potential
  • 64% of employees surveyed said they plan to leave their current job, with one of the five main reasons being that they feel underappreciated
  • 47% of employees wished that their company would gain better visibility into their skills

These statistics are staggering, to say the least.

And they can spell disaster for even the most stalwart of businesses.

When employees don’t feel appreciated, it makes them less likely to do a good job.

Here’s the thing about building a business.

It takes a team of talented, dedicated people to make it work.

But if that team doesn’t feel like they’re being rewarded, appreciated, or valued for their contribution, they’re going to be much less likely to take it as seriously as you need them to.

But how do you do it?

How can you take the steps necessary to make sure that your team knows that you appreciate their hard work and effort?

Well, understandably, this can be a challenge.

So in this post, you’re about to learn how to reward employees for their hard work in ways that they’ll actually notice and appreciate.

Let’s jump into it.

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1. Tell Them (Regularly) That You Appreciate Them

This can’t be understated.

When leadership and management actively make it a point to tell their teams that they appreciate them, it goes a long way.

But here’s the trick:

They have to mean it.

Oftentimes, leadership gets stuck in a frustrating cycle of just going through the motions when it comes to providing employee feedback.

So, when the time comes for voicing appreciation, if they don’t actually mean it, it can come off as patronizing—and might even make things worse.

2. Bestow Tangible Rewards For Measurable Success Metrics

This one is pretty simple and traditional.

When your employees do something that’s obviously amazing, give them a reward for it.

That teammate who set the new sales record?

Gift them a huge TV and surround sound system.

That customer service rep who consistently gets five-star reviews?

Reward them with a weekend vacation to someplace warm and sunny.

Did your finance department save you even more money last quarter than they were supposed to by figuring out how to save money on your mileage policy, despite skyrocketing fuel prices?

Show them that you appreciate them by taking them out for sushi and buying them each a watch.

These may seem like small things.

But they actually make a big difference.

These types of things would mean a lot to your team.

Remember—this job represents a significant portion of each team member’s life. And making it worthwhile is important.

People want to feel like their lives mean something. And a huge part of that comes from being appreciated by their peers, families, and communities.

And that definitely includes their place of work.

3. Supply Outside-Of-Work Perks

Another fantastic way to reward your hard-working employees is to provide them with something useful outside of the workspace that doesn’t necessarily pertain to their job.

This could be a gym membership, monthly tickets to events, regular dinners at local restaurants—anything.

Of course, this is where your HR department could get a little creative.

You can even find cost-effective ways to reward your people if the budget is tight.

4. Make Your Appreciation Public

Sometimes, the most valuable rewards are those that are just sincere and authentic.

It feels really good to be thanked for your contribution in public, where everyone else can see how appreciated you are.

This speaks once again to the human need for community.

Rewarding and/or showing appreciation for your team in public, where everyone else in the company will learn about said reward, is a great gesture—because it shows that you actually value them enough to acknowledge it in front of everyone.

And that is always a great feeling.


Hopefully, this post has helped you to understand how to reward employees for their hard work.

Always remember that it’s the thought that counts.

So put a bit of time into it and be thoughtful.

A healthy team is an appreciated team.

And people get a lot more good work accomplished when they feel good about the company.

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