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How to take care of your lace front wigs

A wig’s longevity depends on how well it is cared for. Your wigs will last better when you take proper care of them. Lace front wigs are no exception. This also necessitates your whole focus. Here we will discuss how simple it is to take care of lace front wigs. It is hoped that you will find this article helpful.

Table of contents

  1. You should no longer wear your wig as often as you formerly did
  2. Excessive hair washing should be avoided
  3. Only high-quality products should be used
  4. Understand well how to wash the wig correctly
  5. Don’t use a curling iron
  6. Prior to actually sleeping or washing, you must remove your wig
  7. Cover it up as well as upright while not in use


  1. You should no longer wear your wig as often as you formerly did

This is vital to keep the lace front wigs in good shape. We’re not going to be telling you that wearing wigs every day isn’t a good idea. We just don’t recommend wearing the very same wig every day.

If you utilize lace front wigs frequently, you may want to buy two and swap them out. If you use the wig less frequently, it will stay longer. Apart from that, changing the wigs will allow you to keep track of them properly. If you want to maintain your closure wig in good condition, then you should also follow this step.

  1. Excessive hair washing should be avoided

It’s critical to realize that over-washing the hair may make it dried, brittle, as well as lifeless. Moreover, when you rotate the wigs, you should wash them after maintaining some distance of time between two washing. In contrast, when you just have one wig, you’ll have to wait weeks between washes to preserve the shine of the wig.

  1. Only high-quality products should be used

There isn’t a single shampoo or conditioner on the market that is made equal. You, we, as well as your stylist, are quite well aware of this. The secret to extending the life of lace front wigs is to utilize shampoos as well as conditioners explicitly designed for them.

  1. Understand well how to wash the wig correctly

Simply massaging shampoo in your hair isn’t enough. This approach is no longer effective. You’ll need to have a new wig faster than you’d like while you continue doing something like this.

Take the following measures while washing your wigs:

  1. I) Soak the wig in soapy water for some minutes. After that, comb your hair with a delicate comb and wash it. You should bear in mind that massaging or rubbing the materials in the wig might cause residual buildup, clumping of the wig hair, plus irreversible damage.
  2. II) Rinse lace front wig well in lukewarm water prior to combing it through. Continue to do this until you’ve used up all of the soap.

III)Now, steps I and II should be repeated once more.

  1. IV) Use the brush quickly to detangle lace front wigs.

Finally, your hair may air dry as a result of this treatment. It’s crucial to remember that you should not dry your wig with a hairdryer. Heat-resistant synthetic wigs and human hair wigs will be irreversibly damaged, whereas a synthetic wig will melt. We can say that you are not going to really like this circumstance.


  1. Don’t use a curling iron

Your wig will get damaged, dry, plus flaky, with broken ends as well as a degradation of natural sheen if you utilize the warming devices on it. Additionally, since wig hair doesn’t really repair as quickly as natural hair, the damage is irreversible.

Curling the wig with a curling iron might permanently damage it. Your synthetic wig may melt if you use heating equipment.

In this situation, you should always air dry the lace front wigs, just like 360 frontal lace wigs. You should curl your hair using non-heating curlers. Also, please remember that most wigs are pre-styled, allowing you to modify your appearance before it arrives at your home.

  1. Prior to actually sleeping or washing, you must remove your wig

This is something you must do to keep the wigs in good condition. If you wear lace front wigs in the shower or while sleeping, they will be damaged.

  1. Cover it up as well as upright while not in use

When your wig is not in use, make sure it is properly stored. Maintain the cool temperature of your wig by storing this in a cool location.

Having a little humidifier is also a good idea when you reside in some kind of dry climate. You may choose the room you want to keep your wigs in. When you’re using a humidifier, the wig will stay hydrated.



Lace front wigs are simple to care for. So, by following a few simple methods, you may simply extend the longevity of frontal lace wigs. You must not wear the wigs too often. You should also avoid wearing these during sleeping. These things can cause problems with your wigs.

Our post offers you some advice on keeping the wigs in good condition. We anticipate that this will aid you in maintaining your wigs.


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