How to Use Baby Wipes for Non-Baby Jobs

These days, a mother’s secret weapon for cleaning up little messes, baby wipes are not just used on babies. You can find wipes in many different varieties made to clean and disinfect not only your little one’s bottom but also your home. Here’s how to use baby wipes for non-baby jobs.

1) On the go messes

From sticky fingers to dirty tables, baby wipes can clean up spills and keep germs at bay. While they’re great for quick cleanups on the road or in the air, make sure you always carry a small package of cleansing cloths with you to take off any stubborn stains before heading out again.

2) Makeup Wipes

If you like your daytime look but want to avoid smudging your mascara as the day goes on, swipe some makeup remover pads over your eyes before applying that fresh coat of jet black pigment (this also ensures you won’t lose lashes). Cleansing wipes can also take off stubborn eye makeup.

3) After Dinner Dinner

These days, after-meal cleanups don’t always involve a sponge and dish soap. Baby wipes are perfect for getting up that dinner mess (especially if you’re dining al fresco) without the hassle of bringing out the soap and rag. Plus, you can use baby wipes solutions like these from https://www.mothercare.com.sg/babycare-bath/babycare-essential/wipe to protect your hands while you scrub.

4) The Top (or Underneath) Desk

If your desk is looking dull or it seems like there’s something sticky on top, using wet wipes will not only let you rest assured you’ve got a dust-free workspace but make sure it smells fresh too. Make sure to choose unscented ones.

5) Clean your Feet

Bathing can be a pain some days, but then you must clean your feet. Of course, some don’t bathe at all (but that’s another story). Whether you don’t have time for a full scrub or want to give your toes some TLC before putting on those new sandals, baby wipes are great for making sure the bottom of your feet are fresh and feeling sweet.

6) Bathroom Tiles

We all know those bathroom tiles aren’t always so clean. To wipe away some of that dirt, try using a baby wipe on them before stepping out of the shower to ensure they look as good as new.

7) In A Pinch

While you’re not going to want to use baby wipes outside your home for every cleaning job under the sun, being able to whip one out in a pinch is a lifesaver — make sure you have a bottle of disinfectant on hand too.

8) No Scrubbing Needed

A lot of products these days require a quick wipe-over with some wet cloths, and voila. Baby wipes are perfect for making things shine without the elbow grease when it comes to sinks, tables, and other surfaces around the house.

9) Spot Treatment

Baby wipes can also come in handy when it comes to up little messes around the house. Whether it’s a little dust on the bookshelf or some dirt on the floor, you can use wet wipes to clean things up sans scrubbing gently


By using baby wipes, you can save yourself time and stress since they’re easy to use and quick-drying too. Just make sure you know what you’re using them on first. The next time your little ones spill their milk or take a scribble with crayons onto the wall, reach for a wipe and start cleaning it up. Your motherly duties will be over in no time.

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