How to Use Technology for Ghost Hunting

Ghost hunting and paranormal investigation are fascinating. When you have the right equipment for it, you can enjoy this activity. We have always thought of taking our equipment and capture ghosts or demons. While ghost hunting is not a viable career choice, you do not need proton packs or traps to capture ghosts. However, you have access to various ghost hunting equipment and technologies that work best for paranormal investigators. Social media has popularized the ghost-hunting industry. Professional ghost hunters use these devices to record claims or any unusual activity.

Here we have a list of the most common and functional technologies used for ghost hunting.

  1. EMF Sensors

An EMF or Electro Magnetic Field sensor is also an essential tool for ghost hunters. These devices may seem like something from the future but are a handy tool to capture radiations or pulses that generate electromagnetic waves. Cellphones and other appliances generate electromagnetic waves, but a massive electricity surge indicates something abnormal. Ghost hunters record these electricity fluctuations to register the presence of a ghostly being if they go beyond normal ranges.

Moreover, you can find different ghost-hunting tech tools by searching around your area or from the internet. For instance, if you live in the UK, you can visit online stores like spiritshack to find the best ghost-hunting tech gear.

2. Thermal Cameras

Thermal cameras display a visual representation of cold or hot spots (cold for ghosts). Usually, ghosts emit a highly cold aura while demons and other spiritual beings give off heat. A good quality thermal camera captures anything giving off extreme heat or cold signatures and visualizes those signs. The hunter uses heat signatures to pick the targets one by one. Hopefully, you will not encounter anything as dangerous as that. Still, a thermal camera will help you spot those unknown signatures very easily.

3. Infrared Thermometer

A regular mercury thermometer measures the temperature of an object in an environment. An infrared thermometer also measures the temperature, but a user has to point its laser towards an object. Ghost hunters and investigators use these infrared thermometers to note any cold spot in a place deemed haunted where they might encounter invisible entities. Professional ghost hunters use these thermometers to check the draft besides the air conditioning system or windows before their investigation. Sometimes they might also use it to take a thermal reading spontaneously identified during their session. These infrared thermometers come equipped with a grip to enable a steady reading having 14 inches gap from an object. It can detect temperatures from -58OF to 716OF. Any ghostly apparition usually shifts the room temperature in the area of its shade. Whenever a thermal camera detects any signature or extreme spot, an infrared thermometer helps to make that identification confirmed.

4. Digital Voice Recorders (DVR)

You must have seen it on various shows that ghost hunters bring a digital voice recorderto their investigation. These DVRs can easily capture any unusual sound or voice in the surrounding area. Professional hunters recommend using this equipment as they are an essential part of an eventful investigation. These devices have a one-touch button that allows recording with vast storage space. Suppose you hear a distant footstep during your hunt that you mistake for someone in your team. However, there is no one present at that point. The DVR set in various points with video recording devices gives a clear sound to conclude the finding. DVR records all the voices and unusual sounds that you might miss during your session. Having a DVR in your arsenal ensures that your session does not go to waste and you have eventful hunting.

5. Laser Scope

Laser grid scope is a gadget that has gained popularity among paranormal investigators and ghost hunters alike. These scopes give a dotted line or grids of green light in a room that works as a field of vision. Any break in that pattern or gap in the grid indicates that something is present or on the move. Most professional hunters use these laser grid scopes by attaching them to their thermal cameras. The grid provides a field of vision while the camera captures sudden movement or breaks in that field. These scopes work best when combined with binary response devices and infrared thermometers.

6. Ghost Box

A ghost box is a communicating device that helps in establishing verbal responses with ghosts using radio frequencies. These gadgets scan the frequencies and establish white noise to make identifications. During an EVP session, the spirits and ghostly emissions utilize the white noise to establish a channel of communication. Users can identify any strange noise or yell their questions in the white noise to answer the abyss. There are variations of ghost boxes available today with different communication methods but work on the same principle.

7. Motion Sensors

The motion sensor is another popular ghost hunting gadget that investigators place in many strategic places. Usually, the placement happens in an area frequented by the entity. These motion sensors capture the thermal reading of anything that passes by and take a video recording. It is an essential gadget for hunters. It notifies them of unusual presence and eliminates the feeling that they are alone in the room.

8. Flashlights

While ghost hunters set their equipment and prepare during the day, they start their investigation mostly at night. The majority of haunted places are entirely pitch black with no visible light. At this time, they use a flashlight as a source of illuminating the area. Using a torch is a good option, but it limits an investigator’s hand movement and focuses. Therefore, flashlights attached to helmets allow them proper illumination without compromising their adjusted field of vision.

Final Word

Ghost hunting seems interesting and exciting but is in no way easy. The investigation and ghost hunting activities take years of training to master and conclude. Hunters rely on quality gadgets to capture a meaningful event. The gadgets mentioned above are some of the most common technologies ghost hunters use to make their session successful and identify a ghostly presence.


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