How to Use Technology to Improve Your Health

Modern technology has worked its way into almost every aspect of life by now, and personal health is no exception. Using modern technology can help the average person to learn more about his or her health and what he or she needs to do to improve it. Below is a list of just a few of the ways using technology can make taking care of one’s health easier.

Get Supplements Online

The average person can get most non-prescriptions online at the same or even lower prices than at the store. These also include vitamin and mineral supplements. Depending on which medicines a person needs, he or she may also be able to order prescription medications from online pharmacies. However, this may not work with controlled substances, like ADHD medications.

While on the topic of online pharmacies, did you know that you can refill prescriptions online as well? Many well-known pharmacies, like Walgreens, have an app that customers can use to refill medications manually or set up automatic refills. If the customer needs a prescription that has totally run out, he or she can contact his or her primary doctor to have the prescription called into the pharmacy. From there, medications can be refilled as necessary.

You can find out which vitamins and other supplements you need by asking your doctor. This is the best way to make sure you take what you need and that you aren’t wasting time with vitamins and minerals that you don’t need. If you can’t see your doctor soon, there are many quizzes online that can help to determine which supplements you might need. Of course, make sure to talk to your doctor before you begin taking any new supplements that they have not prescribed to you, as some supplements, especially when taken in incorrect dosages, can affect the effectiveness of other medications.

Use Free Workout Videos

Having a good exercise routine is key to having a fit (and healthy) body. While you can pay to go to a gym or buy all sorts of exercise machines, those aren’t necessary to have a good workout. YouTube and other video platforms are full of free exercise routines that anyone can try. Better yet, you can search for exactly what you are looking for in a workout. Want to learn how to lift weights properly? There’s a video for that. Don’t want to do anything for leg day but know that you probably should anyway? There’s a video for that too. The majority of people nowadays use fitness coaching apps to assist sportsmen in reaching their fitness objectives. They can monitor their workout routine while utilizing these apps.

These videos are great for beginners, seniors, and experts alike. As a disclaimer, make sure to have someone around when you do these videos just in case you fall or hurt yourself in some other way. Do not try lifting barbells or other heavy weights without supervision for the same reason.

Schedule a Remote Doctor’s Visit

You don’t even need to physically visit a doctor’s appointment to see a doctor nowadays. Scheduling a virtual visit is great for little things that you already know what the problem is; for example, the common cold, hypertension, sore throat, or an upset stomach. Basically, you can use a virtual visit for anything that doesn’t require further testing.

Similar to a virtual doctor’s visit, you can also see psychs and therapists online. You can be referred to these people by your primary doctor’s office or you can find them online yourself through services like BetterHelp. In most cases, you will need a referral to see a psych, but you will not need one to see a therapist or counselor.

Technology in general, as well as health-related technology specifically, is advancing quickly. So, why not take advantage of it so you can improve your health? Try some of the free options listed above at your leisure and make appointments for the rest. Find out how using technology to improve your health can save time and money, all while improving your quality of life at the same time!


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