How To Utilize Templates for Marketing

Marketing is one of the most important factors for growing your business. The only thing more crucial than marketing is digital marketing.

Digital Marketing

Mastery of social media is one of the three pillars of any proper digital marketing campaign. The other two are mastery of SEO and paid advertising. There are always going to be new social media platforms out there, and if you have the personal time, you should master each and every one. If you do not have that kind of personal time available, there are still some platforms you must master: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, and YouTube.

When designing a social media campaign, it would behoove you to be familiar with some templates. The Twitter header template, for example, is a great way to find the ideal Twitter header, especially when one utilizes the Twitter header maker. In addition, the banner template is ideal for creating the perfect Twitter banner. If you have trouble finding a header photo for your header image, there are plenty of relevant images available for free through the template.

Of course, if you wish to create a Twitter marketing campaign, it would be an excellent idea to create a Twitter profile. Twitter profiles tend to be much shorter than their counterparts on Facebook and LinkedIn, but your profile should still have a decent profile picture. Make sure that the pixel features of your image are such that your profile picture has proper resolution.

Facebook and LinkedIn also have excellent templates. Setting up profiles is a longer process, especially for LinkedIn, but the basics are still the same and they are pretty much exactly the same when it comes to adding profile pictures.

WordPress and YouTube, of course, have templates as well. The features of the templates, however, are quite different because they are for the art of the blog post and vlog post respectively.

Offline Marketing

Even though digitEven though digital marketing is king for the twenty-first century, offline marketing still has its uses. Posters, flyers, pamphlets, and commercial brochures are all-important offline marketing tools. When a small business owner meets a new contact, forms a personal connection, and has the ability to hand that new contact a nice, new brochure, that says professionalism.

Of course, if you like outsourcing your marketing tools, you could hire a designer to create your brochure design. However, if you want to create your own brochure yourself, you should use a brochure template.

When creating a business brochure, it is a good idea to decide what fold template is best for you: bi-fold brochure or tri-fold brochure. Obviously, to produce an effective brochure, quality images are needed. There are several free stock images available on the internet, including within many of the free brochure templates that are available. Layout is also important and there are also many layout design schemes available at no cost on these free brochure templates. Proficiency with Adobe products, like Adobe Illustrator, can be quite useful when creating a custom brochure.

While brochures are used for commercial purposes, if your project has artistic and political purposes, it might be better to use a pamphlet. If you have a lot of technical know-how with graphic design, Adobe Illustrator, and various word-processing programs that are more advanced than Microsoft Word, you might want to design your own pamphlet from scratch. Otherwise, you might want to use a pamphlet template. If you decide to use a pamphlet template, basically the same principals apply as those you would use when employing a brochure template. Flyer templates are also, of course, an excellent way to create the most optimal flyers for the most optimal brand image.

The takeaway from all of this is that your marketing tools are a critical part of your marketing campaign, regardless of whether that is an online campaign or an offline campaign. It used to be that you needed technical skill to create these tools such as web-building and typesetting. It is not that way anymore. It takes a fraction of the time to learn how to use templates as it would to learn how to build these marketing tools from scratch. If you do not take advantage of these tools, the competition will.


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