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How to Watch Spike TV Online Outside US

Spike TV is one of the prominent media networks in US operating since March 7th, 1983, the network has gone through multiple phases of transition to become what it is known today.Spike TV is home to many famous reality TV shows including Cops and LipSync Battle. As of now, Spike TV has a total number of 98.7 million paid subscribers in U.S.

Spike TV Blocked Outside U.S

Like many other US based streaming services, Spike TV is geo-restricted for viewers outside the US. So, if you’re outside U.S, you cannot watch Spike TV online. Broadcasters find it compulsory to restrict their streaming media to US viewers only.  Usually, these restrictions are placed in order to avoid piracy and in compliance with digital copyright policies.

So, how do watch Spike TV online outside U.S?

Watch Spike TV Online With A VPN

If you’re looking forward to watching Spike TV shows online outside U.S, you will require a VPN service to unblock the service. A VPN, or a virtual private network, is primarily an internet privacy & security tool, but in modern computing they are being utilized to bypass geo-restrictions placed by websites.

When you connect to the internet using VPN software, your connection will be routed through a secure tunnel to the VPN server that’s based in U.S. Data packets that travel through your VPN connection are encrypted to ensure no one can snoop on your activity including your ISP. Here is a list of tested VPN providers that you can review, some even provide limited feature trials, try them today:

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. NordVPN
  3. CyberGhost
  4. PureVPN
  5. Ivacy

Top Reality TV Shows on Spike TV

Spike TV is home to a huge library of shows that include legendary entertainment like Cops, Bellator MMA, Hungry Investors, Ink Master, Catch a Contractor and many others. In addition to reality TV, SpikeTV also streams exclusive live events with latest ones including Comic-Con: All Access, Eddie Murphy One Night Only and VGX.

LypSync Battle

Featuring LL Cool J and Chrissy Teigen as hosts, LipSync Battle features two A-list celebrities on each episode to battle it out synching their lips with the songs playing in the background. In LypSync Battle“it ain’t about the microphone, it’s about your swagger.”

Bar Rescue

A successful bar can be a great money maker, where as a poorly-run one can be a real heartache to handle. Join Jon Taffer as he renovates and saves bars across the US giving them another lifeline.

Ink Master

Ink Master is a reality TV show, where the best “Tattoo Artist” is determined through hard-core inking action. Hosted by the legend of rock, Dave Navarro, witness the alpha-side of the world where art and pain combine to create magnificent tattoo pieces.

Life Or Debt

Join Victor Antonio, a 500 financial advisor that helps blue and white collar families in getting out of monetary crisis. With its recent debut, it is the top show on Spike TV right now with at least 50000 views each episode online.


Acclaimed reality TV series Cops gives you an inside peek in the everyday lives of Police Officers, and Sheriffs fighting crime. Being one of the longest-running TV shows in history, Cops has a special place in the hearts of action fans and those who enjoy watching cops busting crime live.

Advantages of Using VPN

Download Torrents Securely with VPN

As most of torrent sites are blocked, netizens have no other way of downloading free media over the internet. However, by equipping your PC or smart-phone with a VPN, you can download torrents anonymously and safely within a matter of mere seconds.

Enjoy High Speed Streaming with VPN

The best VPN software allows you to unblock all media networks like Spotify, Hulu and Netflix, along with Spike TV. By connecting your VPN client through a server based in U.S, you can access Hulu, Spotify and Netflix like it was never even a problem.

Final Words

Spike TV is one of the top reality TV media channels available online today. If you are a reality TV fanatic access the amazing entertainment available on Spike TV today. In case you reside outside the US access our ready-to-go VPN service and unblock Spike TV anywhere outside USA. Enjoy Spike TV live with VPN on your mobile, tablet, PC, Smart TV and gaming consoles no matter where you are.

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