How to Win in Online Roulette

In mathematical terms, an online roulette game may not be ideal for a beginner Korean online casino player who wishes to make money. However, most players are attracted to it thanks to its easy way of playing and simple rules. Online roulette is slow-paced but still manages to excite many online casino players globally.

Online roulette is entirely a game of luck, and as such, you do not require any prior knowledge of the game or master any strategy to win on the table. Our experienced author Wang Mi-Sun has been in the online gaming industry for quite some time now and brings us some useful tips on winning irrespective of the type of roulette you choose.

Choose Outside Bets

Online roulette is a pretty simple game that comprises both inside and outside bets. You must understand the advantages and disadvantages of both bet forms when playing in any online casino in Korea.

Inside bets in online roulette normally bear large multiple payouts of your bet but have a major disadvantage of having a low probability of hitting the numbers that you require. On the other hand, outside bets carry lower multiple payouts of your total bet but increase your probability of winning by a great margin. We advocate that you always go for outside bets as they are a safer option on how to win online roulette in online casinos in South Korea.

Play Online European Roulette

One of the surest ways of landing a win when gambling in S.Korea is playing online European roulette. Compared to American roulette, which comprises 38 numbers, European roulette bears 37 numbers. The difference between the two types of roulette may seem small, but it has a big effect on the overall house edge in the long run.

The standard house edge in online casinos in Korea for American Roulette is 5.26%, while on the other hand, European Roulette has an average house edge of only 2.7%. Based on our expert Wang Mi-Sun: “장기적으로 더 높은 배당금을 받을 수 있기 때문에 유럽 버전의 룰렛 게임 사이트에서 승리하기가 더 쉽습니다”.

Always Utilize the En Prison Rule Where Applicable

One of the surest ways of winning in online roulette in an online casino in South Korea is always applying the En Prison Rule where you can. Note that the rule applies only to online European Roulette, and it puts all your even money bets in prison in the occurrence of your roulette ball landing in the ‘0’ slot. The total amount of money you have bet is then taken to your next spin. You will receive all your money back in the event of winning in the next spin. Note, however, that if you lose, all your money gets lost.

Understand Some Online Roulette Betting Systems

Having one online roulette betting system and playing in a reputable online casino may not be a foolproof guarantee for success on the online roulette table but may help in some ways. It is always important to remember that any online casino in Korea is guaranteed to win in the long run, thanks to the house edge that comes with all bets made on the site.

Go for a Column Betting Strategy

In online roulette, column betting involves placing bets on either even vs. odd, red vs. black, or high vs. low. You are betting that the ball may end in one number found in one of the three columns of the table. Note that column bets are classified as outside bets, and as such, there is a high probability of increasing your bankroll more quickly in the long run.

Understand Your Odds

One of the tricks of securing a win in online roulette is knowing your odds though it is not necessarily a requirement. Different forms of online roulette bets in Korea bear unique odds. Once you are on any online roulette table, you will always understand that online European roulette bears greater odds compared to the American counterpart; hence it is an ideal way of making money in the long run.

Take Advantage of Free Online Roulette First

One of the biggest advantages of playing in an online casino in Korea compared to a brick-and-mortar one is that you can play numerous free games before settling for real money play. Please take advantage of this to understand the various forms of bets in online roulette alongside their probabilities for a higher success rate in the long run.

These are some of the few ways of winning in online roulette.


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