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How worth Is Digital Marketing Career In Canada?

In the last few decades, Canada has witnessed significant technological advances. The country is a world leader in innovation and science & technology. Besides being at the forefront of technology as a user, Canada has also been a leading developer and manufacturer of advanced high-tech equipment. In fact, Canada is counted among the top countries viewed to possess technological expertise. Resulting, the ‘Land of Maple Leaf’ is home to several largest technology companies.

In addition, the country also continues to rank among the strongest, innovative, robust, and competitive economies in the world. As Canada has a highly developed and technologically advancing status, it is an excellent destination for a digital marketing career.

According to Statista, the number of internet users in Canada is 36.39 million this year. The figure is expected to grow to 39.26 million internet users over the next five years, as the Statista report reveals. Interestingly, the internet penetration in Canada is about 90 percent, which is soaring. Therefore, most of the companies are making their presence online in Canada. So, a digital marketing career can be fruitful in Canada.

Average PayScale of Digital Marketing professionals in Canada

Professionals with a digital marketing diploma can expect good pay in Canada in 2021. According to, the average digital marketing pay scale in Canada is CAD 55,823 per year. Professionals in entry-level positions get CAD 43,099 per year, while most experienced professionals make up to CAD 77,500 per year. Notably, the pay scale varies depending upon the job profile, experience, and education.

The most common job profiles in digital marketing include Marketing Manager, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Digital Marketing Specialist (DMS), Analytics Manager, Community Manager (CM), Digital Account Manager (DAM), Digital Content Manager, and Copywriter. The highest paying roles associated with the field are Digital Marketing Manager (DMM), SEO Specialist, and Social Media Manager (SMM).

Diploma in Digital Marketing: An Overview

A diploma in Digital Marketing focuses on developing your understanding of PPC marketing, effective copywriting, and campaign management techniques. It is a one-year post-secondary program offered by some top-notch business schools in Canada.

The program will equip you with the knowledge and skills required to thrive in a variety of digital marketing careers, such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Marketing, Social Media Marketing (SMM), Online Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Advertising, and Content Creation.

Benefits of learning digital marketing in 2021

  • Gain an edge over competitors

As digital marketing allows companies to reach target audiences and help them improve customer experiences, there is a massive demand for digital marketing professionals. Even the employment outlook for digital marketing professionals is way better than other jobs in the global labor market.

  • Get high-end salary packages

Digital marketing professionals are paid more for playing a double role of creator and promoter in a single job. Thus, the average salary packages of these professionals are better than other jobs.

That’s not all. You will also become eligible for recession-free jobs after earning a professional certificate in Digital marketing. So, apply to the course right away!

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