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How Wrike Software Helps HR Teams Implement the Employee Lifecycle

The HR department is no longer restricted to recruitment, onboarding, and complaints. They are now in charge of maintaining employee wellbeing too. The employee lifecycle model is responsible for creating better work experience and it is now considered a crucial part of project management too. The key to perfecting the company strategy is making sure the employees feel cared for. Wrike cost covers features that promote loyalty, success, and excellence in employees by keeping them engaged and promoted.

What is the Employee Life Cycle Model?

The employee life cycle is a framework that outlines the different stages in an employee’s career. The concept is supposed to help track their progress over different phases and gives employers an opportunity to make sense of the data. It can visualize each milestone for an employee during their time at the organization. The lifecycle covers everything from the initial interview to the last day of work. It is also referred to as the HR cycle.

The Stages of a Life Cycle Model

The employee lifecycle model does not only cover the employment period of an individual but covers their entire journey. It is similar to a custom journey and has its own unique stages. The HR personnel and managers should be familiar with all of them because they dictate how to interact with the employees. Wrike softwarehelps follow each employee’s journey and shows exactly where they are in the process.

It is important to pay attention to these details because they help companies make their employees feel valued. This is especially important for those who are working remotely and might be feeling alienated. There are a few important stages that have been highlighted below along with the actions a company needs to take to make sure they are a success.


The first step in an employee lifecycle is attracting the right applicants and it sets the tone for future interactions. The relationship a company has with its potential candidates begins from their first impression of a brand. This is why HR teams spend a lot of time recruiting and building a reputation. This does not only help promote business amongst the target market but it also helps companies bring in the best candidates.

Wrike costs includetools for evaluating recruitment and advertising material. It can be used to run social media campaigns, design landing pages, and streamline physical marketing material. The objective is to build an accurate picture of the brand and maintain business credibility.


The recruitment stage is the next part of an employee’s lifecycle and this is where the candidates look forward to working with the company. The HR team will be setting up an onboarding plan and laying out the step-by-step process. This involves putting out a job listing and finding better ways to demonstrate the company culture and the job responsibilities.

The bigger emphasis is on career development, maintaining a healthy work environment, and developing prestige. Wrike software demohelps map out tracks for a specific job rolewhich can demonstrate to a candidate what their career will look like in a few years. It helps HR teams promote a work-life balance and encourages upward mobility.


The onboarding process beings after the new hires have accepted their employment offer. They are introduced to the company culture, systems, and people. This is where the employees’ managers outline their expectations of them. The HR team is supposed to get them up to speed on how everything works and help them get settled into the new environment.

The onboarding process might last a few hours or the entire week depending on the size and scale of the company. It is the shortest stage of the employee lifecycle but one of the most important. Wrike costis inclusive of features for creating an onboarding workflow which makes it easier for the HR team to follow and make sure nothing is left out. It involves executive-level personnel to guide the new recruit to make the experience even more meaningful.


This stage of the employee lifecycle model spans the entire course of their employment and requires the employers to develop and meet the needs of all the new hires. They should not only focus on top performers but also encourage others to explore their strengths. The aim is to implement a company culture that encourages continuous development and allows employees to improve at every level.

Wrike softwarecan help set up systems for regular feedback which include positive criticism and praise. It covers both formal and informal maintenance workflows.


When staff isengaged and retained it makes sense to help them develop skills that advance their careers. The users are supported throughout the growth period with the help of training programs, fellowships, and scholarships for advanced degrees. All this can be accomplished through in-house workshops, skill development seminars, and other lectures.

Wrike costincludes roadmaps which lay out a clear path for every employee that maps their career trajectory for the next few years. It focuses on personal development and allows the HR team to brainstorm new ways employees can influence the success of the company.


Goodbyes are a natural part of life and when either or both parties no longer want to collaborate, it should not be taken personally. The most important part of the lifecycle is implementing new offboarding techniques. The experience should be positive for the employees because maintaining relationships with former workers is also important.

The offboarding process helps shape the final impression of an employee and the goal is to make them feel like they have made an impact. They are more likely to return or recommend other potential employees to the business if they part amicably. Similar to the on boarding process, Wrike cost includes the off boarding as well. It has workflow templates that are easier for HR teams to follow. The project management software can also loop in the management in all processes and remind them to bid the employee farewell before their last day.

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