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How You Can Customize Your Client Reminder System

One of the most valuable tools you can implement into your business today is a reminder system. A reminder system allows you to customize your reminders to meet business and client needs and can send out these reminders automatically. You set up your reminders so that they automatically recite whatever you need to convey, and you set your business up for success.

You can fine-tune your client reminders to meet your client profiles’ needs. You might also wish to establish a reminder system most fitting to the demographic you aim to serve. For instance, if your clients are of older generations, it may be more effective to create phone call reminders or email reminders as opposed to automatic text message reminders.

With the understanding that client reminders serve businesses well and help them stay on track of appointments without having to perform manual work, automatic reminder systems are a crucial part of successful business today. Indeed, if you’re interested in growing your business or improving its current workflow and productivity, an automatic reminder system can help your business get ahead. To learn more about how to customize your client reminder call, read on for further information.

Use Recorded Messages On Reminder Calls

To customize calls, there are many different recording messages that you can preset using voice files that your appointment reminder system provider supplies. Many of the voice files also contain additional customizations such as stating the month, day of the week, and the time of day, i.e., “good morning,” “good evening,” etc.

In addition to these files, you can also create your own recordings using your phone. You can even cover a voice with voice talent to relay your messages.

Incorporate Data Fields

In addition to presetting the phone call messages, your system can also relay person-specific information to create a sense of company awareness towards the reminder call. For instance, client information such as set appointment dates, the name of the customer, the associated company, and the phone number linked to the account can all be incorporated into your customized client reminders.

Relay Different Information At Different Times

Whether you reach an individual or an answering machine, you can have different information relayed. These options allow you to create more flexibility around your automatic messages to make the most sense for the call. For example, if a person doesn’t pick up for the reminder call, a message can be left saying they can call back to reschedule their appointment or cancel.

If they answer the call, the message can be to press a key to confirm an appointment. By relaying different information at different times, clients and businesses stay more in tune with each other.

Customize Your Reminders To Be Sent Out At Specific Times

You can have your reminder system set up an appointment reminder call to match the established time decided by the business and client. You can even preset these appointments in advance and have reminders sent out a week before and the day before the set appointment.

Depending on how customers respond, you can customize how gently the reminder call is sent out to customers. For example, if a customer confirms their appointment a week in advance, only the reminder the day before can be sent out rather than an additional request for confirmation the week before.

Meet Your Business Needs With Customized Reminders

You can customize your client reminder call system to match your business’s needs and best assist your clients. Consider the suggestions above as you create your own custom reminder system for your business using automated recordings and personalized features.


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