Innovation, Animation, Education: Startups in chennai to watch out for

If you’re moving to Chennai, you should know that it has more than an enriching history and vibrant culture to offer. In recent years, the city has become the SaaS (software as a service) capital of India, and is becoming an incubator for a diverse startup ecosystem. And when you’re moving to a new city, you’re probably going to do a lot of research, from spending time looking for the best PGs in Chennai which offer you comfort and plenty of amenities, to figuring out travel routes and transport in the city, to the biggest priority of finding an organisation that’s a good fit for you.

Well, whether you’re an investor, a mentor, or looking forward to starting your career in an innovation hub, take a look at some of the upcoming companies that are changing the way the city works.


Arguably the startup that kickstarted all the other startups in Chennai, Zoho Corporation is an Indian MNC that focuses on developing software, web-based business tools and cloud computing. With millions of users worldwide, the company is best known for creating the Zoho Office suite which contains a multitude of web-based applications. They are known for their constant commitment towards refining their products and improving the customer experience. Zoho has over seven thousand employees worldwide, and ensures that they’re attracting the best and youngest talent by recruiting and training high school students through the Zoho Schools of Learning. If you’re looking for a company that values innovation and growth and has a great learning environment, Zoho could be the place for you.


Founded in 2013, Animaker is one of the fastest growing startups that specialises in visual marketing. Based on a philosophy of knowledge and creativity, they create video content to help businesses boost their reach. They offer professional templates and HTML5 engines and their video asset library is one of the largest in the world. If you’re looking for an organisation that will allow your creative side to shine, this is a great opportunity.


If the big screen is more your domain, then CiniCloud could be an organisation that catches your eye. CiniCloud is an integrated platform for theatre management that helps cinemas, multiplexes and customers streamline their booking and management systems. From handling administrative requirements like movie catalogues, seat layouts and finance records, to user requirements like booking processes, personalised features and payment integration, the company handles it all through its different cloud features. This is one of the startups in Chennai that offers great scope for growth, and is perfect for freshers in Chennai looking to learn the ropes.



A Chennai based educational innovation company, Chrysalis’ mission is to reform the current education system in India by considering the individual potential of each child. This organisation works in close contact with different stakeholders to develop solutions that can be implemented and integrated in the existing school system. ThinkRoom, their flagship solution, has spread the company’s reach to 11 states and over 500 schools. This can be a great career opportunity for anyone interested in education reform, pedagogy or content development.


If virtual reality and augmented reality is what draws your interest, look no further than Nutpam, a company in Chennai that uses mixed reality technology to create products for retail, training, healthcare, industry and education. Their products help people across sectors to maximise the consumer’s experience of reality, interact with new technology and develop innovative solutions. Due to the organisation’s constant focus on innovation, it’s a great place for engineers, designers, developers and 3D artists to learn and grow.

And those are only a few of the many new emerging businesses in Chennai that are changing the city’s work ecosystem and revamping the way people work. If you’re someone who wants to switch up the status quo, constantly challenge yourself and learn continuously, one of these companies could have a home for you.

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