Is the Hi Point 9 Millimeter Carbine a Good Weapon to Buy?

If you go and research the Hi Point 9 millimeter carbine online, you’re likely to find as many people decrying it as talking it up, as it’s certainly a weapon that divides opinion. That said, it’s a popular option for home defense and plinking because of its reliability and price point.

Therein lies the problem for some people – the price. At a little under 300 bucks, to call this carbine affordable would risk understating things a tad. This is an economical option and one that sometimes draws a little snootiness from some gun owners.

The question is, at the extremely low pricepoint it occupies, is it a false economy? That’s what we seek to provide a little clarity on. 

The Hi Point 9 Millimeter Carbine is Near Indestructible 

You might expect a cheap carbine to be made from cheap materials, but the truth is, this Hi Point carbine is near indestructible. Not only does it shoot well, but it feels reassuringly sturdy in the hand. Sure, there are a few points where you can see where costs have been cut, but overall, it’s a nifty choice.

Hi Point has only been around since 1992, but the weapons they make are known for their affordability and reliability. Most importantly, they don’t try and be something they’re not. They embrace the affordable end of the market and their guns are fun to shoot. 

They’re a fun company too, as they polled their customers on what to call one of their recent handguns – and when their customers decided that it should be called the ‘Yeat Cannon’, they dutifully obliged – hence that name is now established as part of their line, along with the Hi Point 9 millimeter carbine. 

Performance Is No Problem at All

When people see a carbine as cheap as this one, it’s only natural for expectations to be quite low. However, this is one that does not disappoint in that context. Having tested it with over 1,000 rounds ourselves, it did indeed live up to its reputation for reliability.

Using a blow-back operation, it’s common for people to complain about the excess kick, but thanks to its innovative spring-loaded recoil pad, you don’t feel much of it. It features a decent-enough looking rail for lasers and lights, as well as a threaded barrel that is suitable for a suppressor. 

In the interest of balance, we did find a couple of issues that need to be addressed, with the first being the relatively small trigger area. It’s fine most of the time, but if wearing gloves, you’re not going to be able to pull it. It can be a bit awkward for left-handers too, as the mag release switch can easily get pressed, leaving you scrabbling around on the ground.

The Hi Point 9 Millimeter Carbine – Worth the Money

So, to all those nay-sayers out there, we’d like to state that this sub-$300 carbine is very much worth your time and money. It’s ideal for plinking or home defense, particularly as it doesn’t have much of an overpenetration problem, plus it’s quite a quiet gun, meaning your ears won’t be bleeding if you fire it indoors. 

In our opinion, the fact that they’re able to make this rifle and retail it as low as they have is quite a feat. Are there better options available on the market? Sure. But you’ll pay 3, 4 or even 5 times as much. Food for thought, we think you’ll agree.

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