Issues with Street Fighter II Slot by NetEnt

NetEnt are a developer who have become known for producing some of the most well known and most popular slots on the market. They always aim to push the boundaries when it comes to slot gameplay and bonus features – play now at Slots Racer.

Unfortunately, due to the incredibly high demands of consumers, not every slot game released can be a winner. Sometimes there are even slots released before they were ready just so they can meet a specific date. The Street Fighter II slot was a game that was plagued with many issues when it was launched. 

What is Street Fighter II? 

Street Fighter is an incredibly popular gaming series that became incredibly popular in the early  Nineties mainly developed by acclaimed studio Capcom. The first Street Fighter was actually released in 1987 but it was actually the release of Street Fighter II in 1991 where things took off for Capcom. Street Fighter II was a massive hit and it helped to revolutionise fighting games, without it things like Mortal Kombat wouldn’t exist. Street Fighter II was so popular it received sequels, which were released under the Street Fighter II name! With it’s memorable characters and the nostalgia factor, it is easy to see why NetEnt felt as if Street Fighter II would make a good slot game. 

The Slot 

Street Fighter II was developed by NetEnt and its main feature was cluster pays, this means that symbols would drop down from the top of the grid. The grid was five by five and would be released every time the player started the game. Another drawing point to this slot was the design, it;s graphics perfectly captured the original 1991 Street Fighter II design. It was created to be like playing the old arcade game. Players would have to select a character from the classic Street Fighter II roster and that character would fight in the background whilst the player was spinning the reels, a treat for any fan! 

The Issues 

Unfortunately for NetEnt, Street Fighter II was plagued with issues and it was removed from online casinos just one week after it’s initial release. The problems with Street Fighter II appear to have been internal, as there have been several rumours that there was some sort of staking issue with the slot. A leaked email sheds more light on the rumour, it says that the developers are completing an internal investigation into issues with staking as there are instances where staking directly affects the gameplay. Concerns over irresponsible gambling are the main reason why this slot was taken down, rather than any technical hiccups such as glitches.  

Final Thoughts 

Street Fighter II was anticipated for months so it’s unfortunate that it only lasted a week before it was taken down. Whilst the developers have taken the correct action in trying to sort out the faults of the slot, it is clear that Street Fighter II was well on it’s way to becoming an instant classic among players. It had the perfect mix of nostalgia, unique theme, gameplay and fun that makes a slot memorable. Time will tell if Street Fighter II makes it back onto the market.


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