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Job vacancies in Saudi Arabia

All over the world, Saudi Arabia is known as a very strict and religious country that is hard to get into. That was impossible until recently. But today, this country, like many other countries, can offer people from all over the world good wages, comfortable working conditions and a wide range of job opportunities for people with completely different levels of education and work experience. Indeed, job vacancies in Saudi Arabia can find anyone who would like to work abroad and who could potentially benefit that country. 

What kind of work is in demand among foreigners who work in Saudi Arabia?

As has already been said, employment in Saudi Arabia is available to anyone for the simple reason that the country has recently become highly developed, and that this pace of development requires a large labour force, and the local population simply do not suffice to meet all of the country’s economic needs. But even though Saudi Arabia earns most of its income from oil production and sales, today Saudi Arabia is seeking to upgrade to other means of earning, and is therefore actively developing tourism, the financial and economic sectors, and other areas of the economy, So you can find jobs here, not just in oil production.  Most often foreigners come to Saudi Arabia to work in the service sector, hotel and restaurant business and home staff. Sometimes they also come to work for international companies in high-level positions, but this is less common. Still, jobs where you don’t need a diploma are more popular. And here is a list of some of these vacancies:

  • Waiter
  • Stewart
  • Receptionist
  • Cashier
  • Head Chef
  • Security guard
  • Driver
  • Machine operator
  • Electrician
  • Laboratory technician
  • Handyman
  • Loader
  • Locksmith
  • Private chef, driver, babysitter, masseuse and similar
  • Designer
  • Manager

To work on some of these vacancies you will have to have some education (for example, to be a driver you need to have a driving license). Such and similar vacancies are the most common among foreign workers, as employers do not have very high standards for those who want to work in such jobs. But in fact, in any case, if you work in Saudi Arabia, you will receive a high salary, which you will be able to afford to live comfortably in Saudi Arabia while working, and put aside for the future.

What are the requirements for those who want to work in Saudi Arabia?

This is a strict Islamic country, so the requirements for those who want to work here are also strict. For example, it is very difficult for a woman to find a job here, so mostly men are hired here. To work in Saudi Arabia, you need to have a good knowledge of English and preferably Arabic. Also, in order to get a legal and safe job in Saudi Arabia, you need to obtain a special visa. Without it, you will not have the right to work in this country, and illegal work in this country can harm your health and even endanger your life. In addition, illegal workers are often cheated with a salary, so you only need to look for legal work.

What salaries were paid to foreign workers in Saudi Arabia?

Since it is a rich and highly developed country, the salaries here are appropriate. The minimum wage is R$3,000, which is about 800, and the average wage is R$10,238, or $2,750. Almost no one gets the minimum wage, and the average wage for all vacancies starts at $1,000. That’s a pretty good number. And if you consider that Saudi Arabia has low taxes, you’ll have more money left than you would if you worked with the same salary in Europe. Indeed, the cost of living in Saudi Arabia is relatively low, and many things are cheaper here than in Europe. 

How to look for a job in Saudi Arabia, and where you can find it?

Today, the job search procedure has become quite simple, and many vacancies can be found on specialized sites that post vacancies. This applies to both: finding a job in your country and finding a job around the world. One such site is Layboard, which hosts jobs from all over the world. There are many vacancies on it, including in Saudi Arabia. Each job has a short job description to help you find exactly what you are looking for. This site is very user-friendly and people from all over the world use it to find work in another country.


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