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Kabaddi is a rather specific and interesting game that is not known to everyone in the world. Many do not even know what this sports direction is. Nevertheless, the game has gained sufficient distribution and popularity in the territory of certain countries, including India. Moreover, in India, kabaddi occupies the second position after cricket in terms of its popularity and is revered by the locals.

As in the days of old, Kabaddi is still a fun and really interesting sport, which is actively watched by Indians throughout the country, sincerely rooting for their favorite players. And while some just watch and get sick in front of the TV screen or at the stadium, others use their knowledge and combine business with pleasure, receiving sufficient reward from this. The best way to do this is pro kabaddi league betting, which you can make in the Parimatch service – a reliable and proven bookmaker with many years of experience in the global market.

But, before making your bet, it is worth thoroughly preparing for this. For a bet to be deliberate, and not made solely on emotions, it is necessary to carefully study the market, get acquainted with the opinion of experts, and also always be aware of the most important events in the sports world. About this game, we have compiled a list of significant news that is expected in 2022.

It is also worth familiarizing yourself with the odds that are presented on the Parimatch website. Before placing bets on kabaddi, you need to analyze the kabaddi bets on Parimatch, weigh the pros and cons, and only after that, you can make your prediction. The key goal of the odds presented on the site is to help users predict the outcome of the game and see who is more likely to win and who is expected to lose. However, the final decision rests with each user individually.

To place your bet, you need to go to the Parimatch website or app, analyze the odds, make a deposit and place a bet on the selected team. You can place pre-match or live bets. After that, you should wait for the outcome of the game to check the results.

Top news from the world of kabaddi that is expected in the coming year

In the sports field, many bright and anticipated events are expected in 2022. Among them, the following news will be directly related to the game of Kabaddi:

  • Vivo Pro Kabaddi League. At the moment, this is the most significant event for betting and the most prestigious Kabaddi championship, in which 12 teams are fighting for the main title. Games usually start in July and end in October. The playoff series includes two qualifiers, two semi-finals, and a final match.
  • Kabaddi World Cup. This is the most famous international championship, which was first held 17 years ago in India. Five years ago, India hosted the first women’s Kabaddi World Championship. So far 12 countries are competing for the main prize.
  • Kabaddi Masters. This is a relatively new international kabaddi championship that first appeared in 2018. In this event, six of the largest national teams compete for major titles, including countries such as Argentina, Pakistan, Iran, India, and Kenya. By the way, it is the Indian team that is considered the best among all the presented.

In general, in all these tournaments India is in the lead.

Also, do not forget to always keep your finger on the pulse and be interested in all the new events that can be found on the Internet. By analyzing all these events, you will be able to make the right choice, which will certainly lead you to the expected success.


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