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Keep an Eye on Your Employees Work Time Activities with Cell Phone Tracker App

The biggest contributor to the well-being of the society, country, and region are the businesses, and business progress vitally depends on the performance of its employees.

But the business owners are having a few problems nowadays.Businesses these days are on the brink of cyber attacks because a major proportion of businesses have switched to online and digital networks.

Cyber criminals find it as their chance to get into business devices to get confidential business details and consumer data and exploit them for illegitimate trend-setting, trend-identification, and advanced selling.

Apart from this, there are other issues as well. The productivity of employees decreases as a result of the excessive usage of the internet, digital networks, and social media.

A number of employees remain in connection with their friends and family at the workplace affect their overall productivity. They keep on ignoring the assigned roles and keep involving in unproductive take-ups that ultimately affect the organizational performance.

Besides all this, there is another issue that is most concerning for the employers. This is workplace sexual harassment. The female employees are getting much frustrated over the happening of such instances.

In few situations, the glass ceiling effect comes in place, and a few C-suite employees associate this with sexual favors from females. But another way around, it is implied that a few females take illegitimate advantage of the charge and use the charge as a defamation tactic over the seniors and blackmail them exploit them out of the situation.

When such instances come into place, the business repute gets at stake and strikes the overall business standing in a bad manner.

So, the business owners are looking to incorporate a strong mechanism that can restrict all the above-mentioned activities for the well-being and efficient running and continuity of the business operations.

There can be multiple solutions for monitoring employees. Firstly, the monitoring can be done by manually watching the employees by remaining around them all the time. But this cannot be taken up conveniently at all.

This is because the business professionals have other commitments as well; owing to this, the manual monitoring option is discarded.

So, after this, the only solution that is left is the use of a cell phone tracker app. The tracking app can extensively monitor and record all the activities happening and performing over the target device.

Plenty to services claim to provide cell phone spying app, but many of them are to no use actually. A fine spying facility that broke into the field recently is TheOneSpy. It is considered the best cell phone tracker app right now.

It furnishes android and iPhone spying options. It has a number of spying features that actively record all the activities of the intended user over the target device. The employee does not get any hint about the monitoring activity at all.

The employer only needs to access the target device physically and need to install the spy app. The key features of the spy app are as follows.

Social media monitoring

The employer can monitor all the chats, multimedia, voice notes, and VoIP and video calls of the target user to know about the true intentions of the employee about the business. Whatsapp, Facebook, Viber, Instagram, Snapchat and other platforms can be extensively monitored.

Location tracking

All the real-time movements of the target user are recorded in the form of a log. This log can be accessed at any point of time from the web portal of the spy app.

Screen recording

The cell phone tracker app has a screen recording feature as well. This works as per end-user’s instructions. The end-user can assign the app to record the screen while a specific application is in use.

TheOneSpy thus records all the activities performing over the app in the form of short clips and saves these clips over the dashboard.

Capturing screenshots

There is a screenshot capturing feature as well. The app takes screenshots as per end-user instructions. The employer can assign the app to capture screenshots after a certain period of time.

Surround recording

The featurerecords all the real-time surroundings of the intended user. This helps in addressing workplace harassment issues. The app bugs the mic or front or back camera of the target phone to know about the real-time surroundings.


Keeping a close look at employees over the workplace is not possible. The best  clock in and out app in this aspect is TheOneSpy.

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