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Key Digital Marketing Solutions for Your Business Whether You’re B2C or B2B, These Tactics Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Digital marketing solutions work together to form cohesive, omnichannel campaigns that reach your audience at multiple points. The right digital marketing partner for your business will develop an ever-evolving strategy that can help you reach your annual business goals.

If you’re just starting out with marketing, or if you want to ask your current digital marketing agency partner about more options, then you’ll want to consider these nine solutions to add to your repertoire.

Paid Search

Paid search ads put your business at the top of search engine results pages, where they will earn about 41 percent of clicks from people using keywords applicable to your services or products.

Paid search campaigns can be optimized based on best practices and by strategic bidding for specific keywords – for which you’ll pay per click your ad earns. A nuanced process, paid search ads can be complex, and it requires a human touch to do it properly, although Google offers automation tools for marketers with less experience.

Display Ads

Display ads – such as banner ads you see when you visit various websites – help you find your target audience on pages they’re already on, taking into consideration their location, Internet history, and behaviors.

Display ads build brand awareness and help you generate leads and make conversions, all while feeling organic to your target audience. Retargeting shows ads to people who have already visited your website, while geo-fencing gets your ads in front of those who are within a proximity to your storefront or a competitor’s – or wherever else is relevant to your goods and services – using GPS technology.

Online Video and Audio Ads

If you have a strong understanding of your customer personas, then you’ll have a good idea of the podcasts and online videos they’re consuming. Why not get your video or audio ad in front of them on the media they trust?

YouTube, Spotify, and other over-the-top video advertising services, like Hulu, let you target based on location and sometimes subject, which means your message is in front of a captive and relevant audience.

Social Media Ads

With 72 percent of all American adults on one or more social media platforms, social media ads are a powerful way to let you reach your audience based on their interests, location, age, and more.

Social media ads on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and more, help your business increase its visibility, grow customer loyalty, drive traffic to your website, and even develop relationships with your target audience.

And because you can preset ad spending on these social media platforms, you can work with even the most stringent of budgets to get results.

Social Media Content and Management

Social media ads without content and management just won’t work! For a successful social media marketing strategy, you must post meaningful content and interact with your followers. Your business’s social media presence matters and can even help drive traffic to your website and build customer loyalty.

There’s a method to writing content for and posting on social media that will help you build credibility and attract and engage with new followers every day.

Search Engine Optimization

A website that is properly optimized for search engines is responsive; contains dynamic, keyword-rich content; utilizes metadata and URL structures; and includes technical and on- and off-page optimizations.

Backlinking or native content, a well-developed content marketing strategy, and a deep understanding of search engine algorithms are necessary for SEO that delivers results. In fact, SEO is what helps get your website onto the first page of search results pages – completely organically, without paying for an ad!

And with Google processing more than 3.5 billion searches per day, your business can’t afford to skip out on search engine optimization. It’s foundational to your digital marketing success.

Amazon Ads

Amazon Ads gets your product in front of relevant mobile users – out of more than 150 million total – searching for products to purchase. Small businesses see great success on this online retailer, with U.S.-based businesses selling more than 4,000 items per minute.

Best of all, Amazon Ads feel organic to shoppers, who are already searching for your product. The ad service simply ensures that your product appears in their list of search results.

Website Design

An incredible website looks great and functions perfectly and ensures you’re more likely to be seen as a relevant and reputable business. In today’s ever-online world, you must have an Internet presence. That’s because clients infer the quality of your business based on it.

Don’t let an amateur website creator handle your site design for you. Rather, you need expert guidance and utmost consideration for user experience to achieve a final product that you can be proud of and that will work properly, even as web browsers and hosting sites change their requirements and display settings.

How to Partner with a Digital Marketing Agency

When you need digital marketing help, finding the right agency to partner with can feel nearly impossible. With so many self-proclaimed experts without the demonstrated history of proof to back up their claims, digging through to find the diamond is time consuming and frustrating – but totally worth it in the end.

The right digital marketing agency will deliver a boutique experience, provide in-depth monthly reporting with key performance indicators and other important metrics, and can show you where every penny of your marketing dollars were spent and the return you received from your investment.


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