Last Minute Revision Tips for IBPS Clerk Exam

Candidates begin their preparation for the IBPS Clerk exam well in advance to see to it that they cover the entire syllabus ahead of time to provide ample time for revision and practicing mock tests. The IBPS Clerk syllabus is designed to test your language, reasoning skills, and presence of mind. You should thus understand the detailed syllabus before you begin preparing for the exam. See more to get the information on the syllabus in detail. 

If you have less than a week left for your IBPS Clerk exam and are perplexed about what to do at this point, we bring you some useful tips to help you utilize these last few days to your complete benefit. Ideally, by this time you should have completed your revision at least twice. Furthermore, your mock test practice should be bang on. So all in all your preparation must be complete by now and this is the time to implement all that you have learned in the past few months.

  1. Keep essentials ready:

Make sure that you have all the essentials that you need to carry to the exam center ready to go. These include your admit card, photo id, etc.

  1. What to revise now?

With only a few days left for exams, the question arises what should you revise at this point in time? Do not try to study too much at this point. In particular, if you have left any particular topic that you did not deem important, do not try to go over it now. If we talk about subject-wise revision, go over the formulas, square roots, cube roots, and tables thoroughly at this point. You have gone through most of the syllabus, so this is the time to revise the basics that will help you answer the questions swiftly in the exam. Similarly, for English, go over the basic grammar rules a few times just to strengthen the basics. You can also try to practice some error spotting questions, Para jumbles, and one or two comprehensions daily. For reasoning, go over the rules governing syllogism to ensure that you are thorough with them. 

  1. Continue with mock tests:

With only a few days left for the exam, you cannot go over the entire syllabus again as it is of no use. In the last few days make sure you are taking a few mock tests daily. Keep on analyzing your tests as you give them. Even if you happen to take a more difficult mock test by chance and score fewer marks, do not panic. Understand and analyze the difficult questions. Be confident of your months’ long practice and stay composed.

  1. Avoid negative thoughts:

It is completely normal to get anxious as exams approach closer. In fact, a little bit of anxiety is perfectly fine. This is a sign that you are not overly confident. However, do not let the negative thoughts get the best of you. Be confident that you have done enough in the preparatory stage and revise a few basic things with a positive attitude. Sometimes negative thoughts can be caught from people. So if you have any friends who are also giving the exam and are scaring you before the big day, do not hesitate to cut them off for a few good days. You need all the positivity that you can in these last few days.

  1. Get proper rest:

Also, please do not let the fear of an exam get you to compromise on your sleep. You need proper rest to perform your best in the exam.

  1. Make a do’s and don’ts list:

It often happens that while preparing for the exams, we keep lots of important pointers in our minds to follow during the exam. But while giving the actual exam, we forget all these essential tips due to our anxiety and end up losing our marks. One thing to do to ensure that you do not forget these tips is to make a list with all the checkpoints ready with you. And go through it one day before the exam and on the morning of the exam to make sure you do not forget them at the end moment. Here is a list of dos and don’ts that we have crafted for you to go through before your exam.


  • Be on time: 

Arrive at the exam center well before time to avoid any last-minute confusion.

  • Attempt questions only that you are absolutely sure of:

During the exam make sure that you attempt only those questions that you are 100% confident with. Remember that you will lose 0.25 marks on a wrong answer. for the prelims, you just need to pass the cut-off. At this point, you must focus to qualify for mains as these marks won’t appear in your merit list. Contrary to this, if you get lots of wrong answers, you may end up losing more marks than scoring.  

  • Attempt easy questions first: 

Since the exam has a time constraint and all questions carry equal marks, attempt easy questions first and if you have time left, come back later for seemingly difficult or time-consuming questions.

  • Keep a calm demeanor: 

Be optimistic and keep a calm demeanor during the exam. If the exam appears difficult, stay composed and focus on the parts you know and areas of your strength. 

  • Stick to your strategy: 

If you have prepared for exams keeping in mind a particular strategy, do not lose track of it and adopt a new strategy at the last moment. You may get tempted to try a new strategy that you come across at the last moment. But resist this temptation. Stick to the basics and you will ace the exam.


  • Do not spend too much time on a single question: 

No question is worth spending more than 30 seconds during the exam. Any question taking more than 30 seconds should be left for later. Do not dwell on such questions.

  • Avoid guesswork: 

You do not have the luxury to guess answers in the exam. Guesswork will make you lose a lot of marks. So focus only on the answers that you know.

With only a few days left for the exam, there is not much left for you to do except to stay positive, do casual revision, and practice a few mock tests to stay in the test-taking zone and maintain the speed and accuracy that you have been working on. 


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